4 Best Video Hosting Sites For Business in 2019

best video hosting sites

To host your video content by yourself isn’t a best idea. Rather than doing that use the best video hosting sites that performs and delivers better. Choose them very carefully to excel in your business. Here are 5 best video hosting sites:

  1. Vimeo


Although, it’s like YouTube but it includes extra social sharing features. To upload videos regularly for free, you just need a basic free plan. Vimeo free plan contains storage of 5GB. If you want to upload longer videos or live stream then you need increase storage provided by higher plans range between $7 and $75.

Each plan has different privacy options and support systems. There will be no advertisements even by using free plan. It has worldwide distribution. You can easily interact with people all over the globe with its build in great social media integration. Here, you can also rent or sell your videos.

  1. Dailymotion


It is another incredible video hosting website that is also similar to Youtube in many ways. You can earn money from your videos, establish a brand by making your own channels and set up presented videos. Add the links of your videos to social channels like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll not face any trouble during editing your content. The advertisements only appear at the end of the content.

Here, you can upload 96 videos per day by simply drag and drop feature. It has pretty awesome interface. Another great feature is up next queue. You’ve full control over videos without any annoying query. It enables distribution of your content even on WordPress too. Do verification of your domains with Dailymotion and paste the code on any platform you want to post it. Every plan provides unlimited bandwidth. One thing that differentiates Dailymotion from other video hosting sites is that once you become official partner, it costs very little amount of money to earn ad revenue.

  1. Vidyard


Vidyard is also in the list of best video hosting sites because of its truly professional hosting services. It has dominant marketing tools and it paves a great chance of conversion for your videos. You can quickly upload a video with just one click. The only disadvantage is that it is a little expensive; every customer is paying $1,500+ per month to use it. It also shows detailed analytics i.e. viewer history, interactions and attention span.

  1. Wistia


Another amazing video hosting site is Wistia. The systematized interface displays you in improved way to upload and modify videos. To start with it, you can upload up to three videos without any cost. You’ll be able to use custom video tools and a branded player but with paid plans. There plans are $99 month and allows you to upload a maximum of 10 videos. The other great feature where Wistia advances is its detailed analytics. They enable you to see exactly how your viewers interact with your videos.


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