8BitDo’s very good Pro 2 controller is getting an Xbox version soon

8BitDo is delivering a wired rendition of its Pro 2 regulator for the Xbox control center and PC on December eighth, 2021. It’s almost indistinguishable as far as provisions to the Bluetooth remote model that my partner Sam Byford explored, which supports Switch, portable, and different stages. However, this new Xbox model’s wired-just association implies that it’s less expensive at $44.99. You can preorder it now.

This Pro 2 is clad in dark, with an Xbox home button in its center. However, notwithstanding all of the other Xbox-explicit buttons you’re presumably anticipating (share, menu, see), it has 8BitDo’s other two buttons close to the simple sticks, which can be remapped as you would prefer in its Ultimate Software application accessible on iOS and Android. Also, there are two buttons on the rear of the Pro 2’s grasps that can be planned as you see fit. Through the application, you can likewise alter vibration, trigger, and stick affectability, just as make an easy route to change the volume.

You may be considering how this wired regulator can discuss remotely with your telephone. 8BitDo let The Verge know that the Pro 2 for Xbox has a Bluetooth chip inside, which permits it to interface with your telephone for the motivations behind remapping the controls. Be that as it may, the usefulness closes there. The organization said that it isn’t viable with different frameworks remotely.


This regulator is by all accounts made for individuals who aren’t hitched to the simple stick plan of Microsoft’s Xbox regulator. This current one’s stick design is more like a PlayStation regulator, however, all of the vital Xbox buttons are here. There’s additionally a 3.5mm port for sound passthrough on the off chance that you have earphones or a headset to associate.

It’d be great if the Xbox-seasoned Pro 2 was remote, however, $45 for an adaptable wired regulator appears to be a decent worth. Considering that 8BitDo’s form quality is typically higher than numerous other outsider adornment producers, this may make for a decent ally to your authority Xbox remote regulator or as a substitution.

8BitDo as of late dispatched its Pro 2 line of outsider regulators, and they’ve been truly gotten by clients. These regulators have their own interesting stylish and believe, and they work with a wide scope of gadgets from the Nintendo Switch to PC. Presently, because of The Verge, we realize that the organization is making a Pro 2 regulator that can work with Xbox consoles.

The Xbox Pro 2 regulator is pretty, and it’s wired

These days, it seems like wired regulators are a relic of times gone by, however, that is not the situation. Wired regulators are as yet available; who can contend with claiming a regulator you don’t need to charge?

The way that the 8BitDo Pro 2 regulator for Xbox is wired implies that you will not have the option to utilize it for as numerous stages. You can utilize it on PC, however, there’s nothing else to it. Notwithstanding, the way that it’s wired implies that it’s somewhat less expensive than the remote variation.

The remote regulators cost $49.99, however, the wired rendition is $44.99. That is not a major reduction in cost, but rather saving will be saving.

These regulators have that one of a kind 8BitDo look

These days, regulators essentially take on a comparative tasteful. The Xbox-Esque shape is by all accounts the form that most organizations use, yet 8BitDo stands out in view of the odd (yet strangely fulfilling) state of its regulators.

The Pro 2 regulator for Xbox nearly takes after the regulator add-on for the Nintendo Wii with its general-level face. The A, B, X, and Y buttons stick out very a long way from the face alongside the D-cushion, while different buttons lie practically flush.

The Xbox button lies unmistakably in the top focus of the regulator with the offer, view, and menu fastens directly under it. Underneath them are the delight sticks which are in the PlayStation regulator design.

However this regulator is wired, it has a couple of stunts up its sleeves

Alongside the typical contemporary control center buttons, there are four extra fastens (two on one or the other side of the delight sticks, and two on the rear of the grasps) which can really be remapped. Befuddled? All things considered, while this regulator is, to be sure, wired, 8BitDo put a Bluetooth chip in it.

It utilizes this chip to speak with the organization’s restrictive application which is accessible on iOS and Android. You can utilize that application to plan the capacities you need to give the buttons. Truly, this is a truly slick stunt, and it makes the $45 sticker price bode well.

Likewise, in the event that you like to visit in-game, the regulator has a 3.5mm earphone jack to go the sound through. In case you’re keen on getting this regulator, it will formally hit the racks on December eighth. Indeed, that is some time to pause, however, it’s with perfect timing for these special seasons.

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