A MacBook Car Charger

A MacBook Car Charger: 3 Things You Should Know

Apple MacBook’s transition from the revolutionary MagSafe to a potential USB-C charger brings on-the-go charging benefits. With the advent of the MacBook car charger, you can juice up energy-hungry laptops while traveling. 

The 140W USB-C power adapter offers efficient charging while you are in the office, at home, or on the go. Let’s discuss why you need to buy the on-the-go car charger for your Apple devices.

An Insight Into Apple Charger

Apple car charger is available for purchase in the offline and online marketplace. Before you purchase the mobile charger, make sure you have a car power port in the car compartment that fits the charger. You can easily find a compatible port in most latest car models; however, it might be missing in several brands and models in older cars.

The car charger is located beside the gear shifter or the radio setup. It allows you to charge your laptop at up to 85W, which is quite an impressive speed. If you are looking to buy a car charger for your MacBook, rush to the nearest Apple outlet. Let’s check what you need to know about the laptop car chargers. 

How to Charge a MacBook?

In most cars, the Apple car charger fits right into the power cord. Apple gives you the flexibility to select between 60W and 85W chargers. The price range for both variants may vary; consider your budget before buying one. Charging the MacBook using a car charger is far more convenient as it allows for a snap-in connection. 

Once the battery is full, you can snap out the charger and use the MacBook on the go without worrying about battery drainage. Apple car charger is an ideal pick for MacBook users who are experiencing faster battery drainage or other related problems. 

Whatever the reasons behind the battery issues, the car charger keeps your MacBook running all the time. If the high pricing of the Apple MacBook charger bothers you, the market is flooded with countless alternatives. Browse the features and pick the right one for you. 

What Are the Alternatives to the Apple Car Charger?

A MacBook Car Charger

Let’s have a look at some alternatives to the Apple car charger available today. 

  • Belkin USB-C Charger

The car charger from the house of Belkin is designed to charge all your Apple products, so it’s quite a viable option. It can fast charge your MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and other accessories at 36 W. When compared to the Apple car charger, the Belkin MacBook charger may not be considered a fast charger as the former charger, the MacBook in 65W. 

  • Satechi 72W USB-C PD Charger

The small and compact design of the Satechi car charger makes it one of the best options for MacBook users. Using the charger, you can charge your MacBook at 60W while another port on the charger delivers 12W power, appropriate for other accessories. Not only is the charger affordable, but it also allows for fast charging port, even faster than the Apple charger. 

  • Anglink Inverter

The powerhouse to charge your MacBook, which you can easily connect to your car. With a pair of full 100W outlets, it integrates two USB ports along with a cigarette lighter outlet. In addition, the charger integrates 3 – IN – 1200W AC to DC power cords, so you can use it for family car trips. All your gadgets will be charged seamlessly from one single charger. 

  • Spigen 45W Charger

Your all-in-one charging hub for almost all digital gadgets, from laptops to tablets to smartphones. The Spigen car charger includes two pairs of USB-C chargers with 45W and 20W outlets. You can charge the MacBook at a good speed by connecting to the 45W USB-C port while fast charging your iPhone via a 20W port. 

  • PWR+ Charger CUM Cable

The charger is specially designed to charge laptops, including MacBooks in the car. The adapter supplies up to 90W power that can quickly charge your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Apart from that, the PWR+ charger can charge other laptops from Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, HP, MSI, or other big brands. 

Can You Leave the MacBook Pro Plugged in?

A MacBook Car Charger

Most users believe that charging the laptops or phones even after they are 100% full depletes the battery performance and ability to hold a charge for longer. Well, it’s just a perception as all digital gadgets stop charging once they reach the 100% mark.

So, if you leave the charger connected to the MacBook or smartphone overnight, there are no adverse effects on the battery’s cell. The performance of lithium-ion batteries degrades when they get damaged due to an unstable power supply or overtime when the device starts aging.

With the MacBook car charger available handy, you don’t have to worry about the battery life as you can charge your gadgets on the go.


The car charger is an essential car accessory that allows you to keep your digital devices in an active mode no matter how long the road is. Now, you can stay connected with your loved ones even riding the tuff terrains as your devices would never run out of battery.

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