AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair

AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair Review (2021)

Gaming Chairs are very common nowadays, and there’s no deficiency of decisions paying little mind to your spending plan. AndaSeat’s T-Compact falls towards the focal point of the estimating range – recorded for $399.99 – and right away doesn’t do a lot to isolate itself from the opposition.

Nonetheless, in case you’re ready to look past its average plan, the T-Compact offers one of the most agreeable seats in the sub-$500 value range. It’s not awesome, however, this exceptional seat endeavors to remain among the gaming world class – and its endeavors are to a great extent effective.

AndaSeat T-Compact Full Specifications

  • Material: Linen Fabric
  • Base: Aluminum
  • System: AD S+
  • Froth: AD Mold Foam
  • Slant Angle: 160 Degrees
  • Armrest: 4-Directional Adjustments
  • Weight: 29.5kg
  • Most extreme Load Static: 170kg
  • Most extreme Load Dynamic: 120kg
  • Most extreme Height: 200cm
  • Guarantee: Five years

Subordinate Design Choices

The primary thing I saw in the wake of gathering the T-Compact (which required around 20 minutes) is its amazingly recognizable plan. Indeed, on the off chance that you eliminate the AndaSeat marking and toss it in an arrangement of three other gaming seats, I ensure you’ll struggle to sort out which one it is. With regards to configuration signs, AndaSeat followed the “gaming seat playbook” down to every single letter.

Forceful points, a race vehicle Esque impression, removable lumbar help and headrest, and diving side pads that bend somewhat around the side of your body are all together here – and they’re likewise present on pretty much every other gaming seat available.

Be that as it may, how a seat look is just a large portion of the fight. Inasmuch as it’s agreeable and solid, it’s difficult to thump standard plan decisions. What’s more, to Anda Seat’s credit, the T-Compact makes for a phenomenal high position while both gaming and working.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

While the AndaSeat T-Compact seems as though a standard gaming chair, I viewed it to be somewhat more agreeable than a few others in a similar value range. That is to a great extent because of the Re-Dense Molded Foam seat, which kept the seat from becoming soft over the long haul and offered consistent help all through my testing. Strong yet delicate, the exhibition presented by T-Compact is associated with another gaming chair in a similar class.

Its noteworthy lean back scope of 160 degrees was additionally a pleasant touch, as even seats with bigger sticker prices don’t present as much adaptability. I didn’t discover a lot of utilization for it – I don’t frequently nod off at my work area – however offering the user will probably be an enormous selling point for certain clients.

Anda Chair’s greatest issues are the removable headrest and lumbar help. The group was astute to make them removable, as I observed them be somewhat firm and awkward for my preferring. They additionally tended to move all through my gaming meetings, and again and again, I’d wind up coming back to reposition them. After an extremely brief time frame, I chose to do without them.


In the event that you can look past its deadened plan and disappointing lumbar and headrest upholds, there’s a ton to like with regards to the Anda Chair T-Compact. Its Re-Dense pad is ostensibly truly outstanding in its group, there are many change choices accessible, it leads back to an amazing 160 degrees, and it’s based on a solid steel and aluminum outline that should last you for quite a long time. Anybody searching for a happy gaming Chair under $500 should give the T-Compact a snapshot of their time.

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