Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Review (2021)


  • Fits all iPhone 12 models
  • Solid plan
  • Basic, bidirectional pass-through charging


  • Charger and link are excluded
  • Just accessible in white

In the event that you utilize your iPhone 12 and regularly discover the battery coming up short while you’re all over town, the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack ($99) will probably turn into your number one new adornment. Adequately little to slide into a pocket or sack, the MagSafe Battery Pack adds long stretches of utilization to your telephone, adjusting conveniently properly with the guide of correctly situated magnets. Apple’s outside battery arrangement might appear to be expensive when contrasted and other compact chargers and force banks, yet its astounding form quality and one-year guarantee make it outstanding amongst other approaches to charge your iPhone in a hurry, and our Editors’ Choice victor for iPhone 12–viable outer batteries.

Thin and Sturdy

The tasteful here can be best portrayed as utilitarian. The external shell is made of sturdy white plastic with a dim Apple logo focused in the upper half. The charging face of the battery pack is canvassed in dim silicone that coordinates with the logo on the opposite side. A Lightning port and a marker light are on the base edge.

Albeit the external shell has a matte completion, it’s exceptionally dangerous and simple to drop, however after a few inadvertent drops, we didn’t see any scratches. The solitary harm that happened was some staining on the silicone charging plate from being appended to a telephone in a cowhide case.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple doesn’t offer AppleCare for the MagSafe Battery Pack, however, it incorporates a one-year guarantee. In the event that the gadget quits working and there’s no conspicuous harm, you can take it to any Apple Store for fix or substitution.

We wish Apple offered plans that supplemented the iPhone 12, as a thick white puck adhered to the pack of the rear of a blue or green iPhone 12 looks cumbersome. It would likewise be helpful to have a USB-C port notwithstanding the Lightning port.

Significantly More Than a Number

At 3,687mAh, the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s battery might appear to be unimportant contrasted and the 5,000mAh cell in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, yet don’t be tricked by a straightforward number. On account of Apple’s more productive equipment and programming, our tests showed the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s battery going on for over 15 hours, contrasted and a bit more than 11 hours for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

And surprisingly those tests don’t recount the entire story. In all actuality, most battery channel tests, including our own, are certifiably not an exact portrayal of everyday use for any telephone. We start with a full charge and power the telephone to do battery-serious errands constantly until it’s depleted. The vast majority utilize their telephones on and off for the duration of the day. For example, you might peruse the news on your regular drive, check your messages a couple of times during the day at work, and afterward turn on Spotify and look through Twitter coming back. That will differently affect the battery than our torment tests.

Blue iPhone with a MagSafe Battery Pack connected.

The MagSafe Battery Pack’s 1,460mAh limit may appear to below from the start; it’s little the greater part the limit of the iPhone 12 scaled down’s 2,227mAh battery, and definitely not exactly the 5,000mAh outside batteries you can discover at a fourth of the cost. However, the numbers are indeed misleading.

Milliamp-hours (mAh) hypothetically characterize a battery’s ability to control a gadget—or re-energize a gadget, on account of battery packs—yet that measurement is determined with the suspicion that the two gadgets have a similar voltage. In the event that their voltages are unique, the viable mAh rating changes. Since all the iPhone 12 models have 3.81V batteries and the MagSafe Battery Pack has a 7.6V potential, the Battery Pack’s compelling mAh limit is really 2,920mAh. (A ton of math is engaged with sorting this out; Apple Insider’s Wesley Hillard works really hard of separating it.)

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

To make things much really confounding, the powerful mAh limit doesn’t represent a shortcoming. On the off chance that you utilize a normal Qi remote charger to charge a telephone, about a large portion of the force is lost because of gadget position, heat, and other natural variables. MagSafe is more productive than Qi in light of the fact that the magnets guarantee the ideal situating of the telephone on the charger, yet there is as yet a lot of lost force. Also, both the iPhone 12 and the MagSafe Battery Pack have inherent security includes that assist with keeping the items from overheating and limit battery corruption, however limit charging ability and speed simultaneously.

Versatile and Versatile

Apple’s MagSafe Charger can convey 15W charging, thus can the MagSafe Battery Pack—as long as it’s connected to a 20W+ force connector. Turned off, it maximizes at 5W.

These are on the whole hypothetical paces. At the point when we associated a turned off MagSafe Battery pack with an iPhone 12, it conveyed 4W of force by and large. Connected to a 100W charger, the MagSafe Battery Pack’s real charging wattage fluctuated from 3W to 11W.

The white battery pack on a wooden table

A marker light on the lower part of the MagSafe Battery Pack becomes green when it’s completely energized. (Photograph: Steven Winkelman)

At the point when the MagSafe Battery Pack was connected, it figured out how to add 72% to our iPhone 12’s battery in about 2.5 hours. Turned off, it gave an increase in 67% over a time of 4 hours. At the point when we appended the Battery Pack to a completely energized iPhone in the first part of the day, it kept the telephone at 100% for around 7 hours.

For the quickest charging speeds, you’ll need a 20W+ USB-C force connector and a USB-C–to-Lightning link; nor is incorporated with the MagSafe Battery Pack. In any case, in the event that you as of now have a decent quick charger for your iPhone 12, that ought to be okay.

As well as having the option to charge your iPhone, your iPhone can charge the MagSafe Battery Pack. To do this, plug in your iPhone with the MagSafe Battery Pack joined. Your telephone will charge at a fast 20W, and when it’s energized to 80%, it will start going force through to the Battery Pack. A marker light on the lower part of the Battery Pack becomes green when it’s totally charged. A charging marker additionally shows up on your telephone’s Lock Screen and Today View.

Bidirectional charging makes it a lot easier to keep both your telephone and battery bested up. Plugin the battery on your bedside table or work area and keep your telephone stopped there at whatever point you’re not utilizing it, the manner in which you would with any MagSafe charging station. At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to go, both the iPhone and battery will be completely energized. What’s more, on the off chance that you later need to charge your telephone quicker than the battery can, plug it in straightforwardly and it will juice up the battery simultaneously.

The Perfect Pocket Companion

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack can settle the score the most requesting iPhone 12 clients through an entire day between charges. It’s strong enough to deal with your day-by-day drive easily, and simple to charge when you return home. Indeed, even without a force connector and charging link in the container, we actually think the MagSafe Battery Pack is a decent worth, particularly once you add its guarantee and safe charging highlights into the condition.

In case you’re searching for a more reasonable choice, look at our suggestions for the best compact chargers and force banks. In any case, we know Apple clients esteem insightful plans, astute highlights, and effortlessness of utilization, and that is the reason the MagSafe Battery Pack procures our Editors’ Choice honor.

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