ASUS Z690 Motherboards

ASUS Z690 Motherboards Listed By Canadian Retailer – Include ROG Maximus, ROG STRIX, & TUF Gaming

ASUS’s forthcoming Z690 motherboard arrangement which incorporates ROG, TUF, and PRIME series has been recorded online by Canadian retailer, PC-Canada.

Presently, we should take note that the data furnished accompanies various admonitions. Initially, for those of you uninformed, numerous producers are relied upon to deliver Z690 motherboards that will be viable with both DDR4 and DDR5 memory (albeit plainly not together on a similar equipment). – Secondly, the four motherboards recorded here are, fundamentally, from their entrance level/s and, all things considered, will unmistakably not address the most powerful abilities of DDR5. – So, no, 6000 and 6400 are not excessively amazing numbers for the maximum pre-set overclocking capability of DDR5. Especially since we’ve effectively heard bits of gossip from different producers of 8,000MHz models. – You do, be that as it may, need to place this into point of view.

There is a sum of nine motherboards that have been recorded by the retailer yet we have seen a sum of 19 motherboards in the EEC postings preceding this. The posting incorporates a solitary ROG Z690 Maximus series motherboard, two ROG STRIX motherboards, a solitary TUF Gaming motherboard, and five PRIME series motherboards.

The ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 HERO is recorded at a cost of $788.99 CAD which approaches $625 USD. The ROG Maximus XIII HERO which depends on the current Z590 chipset is recorded for $854.99 CAD or $678 US by a similar retailer. Continuing on, we have the ROG STRIX Z690-F Gaming WiFi which is recorded for $510.99 CAD ($405 USD), ROG STRIX Z690-A Gaming WiFi D for $446.99 CAD ($354 USD). The single TUF Gaming Z690-PLUS WiFI D4 is recorded for $370.99 CAD ($294.25 USD).

Moving over to the ASUS Z690 PRIME setup, we have the PRIME Z690-A which is recorded for $382.99 CAD ($303 USD), PRIME Z690-P WiFi for $318.99 CAD ($253 USD), PRIME Z690-P WIFI D4 for $306.99 CAD ($243 USD), PRIME Z690-P for $293.99 CAD ($233.16) and PRIME Z690-P D4 for $280.99 CAD or $222 USD.

ASUS Z690 Motherboards (PC-Canada) Preliminary Listings:

Z690 Motherboard NameRetailer Price (CAD)Price in USDZ590 Motherboard NameRetailer Price (CAD)Price in USD
ROG Maximus Z690 HERO$788.99$625ROG Maximus XIII HERO$854.99$678
ROG STRIX Z690-F Gaming WiFi$510.99$405ROG STRIX Z590-F Gaming WiFi$446.99$354
ROG STRIX Z690-A Gaming WiFi D$446.99$354ROG STRIX Z590-A Gaming WiFi$565.99$448
TUF Gaming Z690-PLUS WiFI D4$370.99$294TUF Gaming Z590-PLUS WiFI$445.99$353
PRIME Z690-A$382.99$303PRIME Z590-A$479.99$380
PRIME Z690-P WiFi$318.99$253PRIME Z590-P WiFi$255.99$202
PRIME Z690-P WIFI D4$306.99$243N/AN/AN/A
PRIME Z690-P$293.99$233PRIME Z590-P$229.99$182
PRIME Z690-P D4$280.99$222N/AN/AN/AN/A

Recently, Komachi likewise uncovered the force stage arrangement of a couple of ASUS Z690 sheets. The ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 HERO is relied upon to shake a 20+1 stage plan with 90A PowerStages. It resembles the STRIX Z690-An and STRIX Z690-F will highlight a comparative 16+1 stage plan while the TUF Gaming Plus will shake a 14+2 stage plan. The ASUS Z690-P will shake a 14+1 stage plan. Up until now, we know the accompanying motherboards in ASUS’s Z690 motherboards (the APEX was likewise recorded over at EEC):

  • ProART Z690-CREATOR 10G (DDR5)
  • PRIME Z690-A (DDR5)
  • PRIME Z690-A D4 (DDR4)
  • PRIME Z690M-PLUS D4 (DDR4)
  • PRIME Z690-P WiFi (DDR5)
  • PRIME Z690-P WiFi D4 (DDR4)
  • PRIME Z690-P (DDR5)
  • PRIME Z690-P D4 (DDR4)
  • PRIME Z690-V (DDR5)
  • PRIME Z690-V D4 (DDR4)
  • PRIME Z690-V-SI-D4 (DDR5)

Motherboards makers are relied upon to uncover their new Z690 items before the finish of October 2021 with a dispatch expected in November 2021 close by the twelfth Gen Desktop CPUs.

What Do We Think?

While the DDR5 figures here are not actually awesome, recollect that these are relied upon to be passage level Z690 motherboards. All things considered, they will be more engaged upon cost as opposed to execution. What’s more, let’s be honest, we’re not anticipating that Alder Lake S should be modest, not to mention the Z690 motherboards and DDR5 memory modules that will be needed for the ‘valid’ cutting edge jump its contribution.

The genuine inquiry will, obviously, be in seeing an immediate examination between the two. We’ve as of now seen signs that the underlying DDR5 memory dispatch modules will just perform generally on, or beneath, standard to what we as of now have in DDR4. In that capacity, early adopters may, eventually, observe the underlying dispatch execution to be a little disappointing. Not, as it turns out, that this was any unique in relation to when DDR4 showed up to supplant DDR3. Ideally, while not offering anything near the maximum capacity of DDR5, ASUS may basically have a reasonable section point for buyers here!

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