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Best TikTok Hashtags to Gain More Followers

You want to get started on TikTok, but are unsure which hashtags will help you go viral and generate more reach for your account? In our article you will learn everything about the number, selection and use of TikTok hashtags.

TikTok is a video platform where users share creative videos up to 15 seconds long. Since it is based on, a lot of content on TikTok consists of lip synch or dance videos. Some content goes viral, especially through hashtag challenges. Which brings us directly to the topic: How do you use hashtags on the short video platform to generate as much reach as possible?

We know hashtags from other social platforms

Basically, hashtags have the purpose of classifying content in categories and making it easier to find. For example, hashtags on TikTok are clickable and lead to a page with current videos that use the same hashtag. Many users already know how to use hashtags from Instagram and Twitter, but there are some serious differences.

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There is a maximum of 30 hashtags on Instagram. This is used completely by many accounts. Some also level off at 5-15 hashtags. This is different on Twitter due to the limited number of characters. There, if hashtags are used, they are built directly into the text. On Instagram, they are often inserted at the end of the post or as a comment. You can use hashtags on Facebook, but they haven’t really prevailed on the social network yet.

How important are hashtags on TikTok?

Hashtags play another role on TikTok. They categorize the videos, much like on Instagram. But on TikTok they are nowhere near as versatile or arbitrary as on Instagram. While every object that can be seen in the picture is often postponed there, the most successful TikTokers use very few hashtags.

Falco Punch, Younes Zarou and Co. have one to five hashtags – or none at all. This can be partly explained by the fact that some of the TikTok influencers are already reaching a very large audience that is watching new videos either way. Most people use the hashtag #foryou, #fyp or #foryourpage if they choose only one hashtag. In addition, the number of characters in the captions is limited, similar to that on Twitter.

Where do the hashtags appear and what is the for you page?

The hashtags are displayed on the videos by the name of the creator and the caption when scrolling through the feed. In contrast to Instagram, when the app is opened, users are first on the “For you” page, which is known from Instagram as the Explore Page. The content is mainly produced for these. After all, many of the users get stuck there and scroll through the videos.

Only after another click do users see the content of the TikToker that they are following, as well as videos arranged according to hashtags. On the discover page you will find the hashtags, the current trends and TikToks that are tagged with them. This makes it particularly interesting for you. Finally, there are trending hashtags and hashtag challenges that you can join.

Top Trending Hashtags on TikTok to Gain Followers

Since TikTok is still relatively young, there are even fewer insights about using hashtags than, for example, on Instagram. Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe with which hashtags you definitely land on the discover page and reach a large audience there. Nevertheless, we have two tips for you:

  • Watch the trending topics on TikTok.
  • Take part in hashtags challenges or create your own.

The hashtags you see on the For You Page are right on trend. At the same time, this means that it is almost too late to still produce content, after all, trends are disappearing quickly and trends that are already big are very unlikely. However, companies and brands have a small grace period here. After all, you are (probably) not trying to become the next TikTok Star, but simply trying to make a good and contemporary appearance on the platform. All other users will also find a great source of inspiration for their own content here. TikTok lives a lot from mutual interaction and so it can often be worthwhile to jump on a trend late.

TikTok shows a few selected videos for each hashtag challenge, which show well what is expected in the respective challenge. You can create a video for any of the challenges that can be found around the clock on the For You Page and post it under the hashtag. This shows you that you are up to date and modern.

Hashtag Research Helps with Reach

But just like for other social platforms, TikTok also has to do its own hashtag research. Research what your target audience consumes and which posts are liked. Find out important keywords for more reach. After all, you want to get followers’ attention to get more interactions, views and likes. But you don’t necessarily reach your target group with hashtag challenges. Brands and companies should make sure that they also deliver content that interests the target group. Mr. lawyer is often mentioned with his account as a good example. He delivers content that suits him and appeals to his target group. It is irrelevant that they are not necessarily typical of TikTok.

Young platforms offer the great advantage that content virality is more likely. There is still time to build a large group of subscribers on TikTok. Post content that suits you and is entertaining. Find hashtags that your target audience interacts with and take part in challenges that fit your business. And maybe you will end up on the For You Page tomorrow.

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