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Best VR Headset for Microsoft Flight Simulator can use for Game

Microsoft Flight Simulator currently upholds computer generated reality, and the best VR headsets for Flight Simulator can transform the game into something totally new. Need to feel like you’re really inside the cockpit of whatever plane you’re guiding? No doubt, you need to get into VR. Fortunately, we’ve gathered together the most ideal choices here.

Best Overall: Valve Index

Valve’s Index framework is at present the apex of VR. It probably won’t have a similar visual devotion as the HP Reverb G2 — look at our Valve Index versus HP Reverb G2 article for more information — and it probably won’t offer as much opportunity as the Oculus Quest 2. Notwithstanding, the mix of accuracy following, agreeable headset, and consistent Steam joining makes it a desired thing.

It has double 3.5-inch LCD shows with a consolidated goal of 2880×1600, which is around 1600×1440 per eye. The field-of-see is a wide 130 degrees, and the invigorate rate can hit up to 144Hz. These are some burly specs accomplished with the assistance of the best work area PCs for VR.

The Index has a manual interpupillary distance (IPD) change slider just as flexible eye help, both trying to oblige however many individuals as would be prudent. The headset’s bridle has different flexible focuses so you can get a comfortable fit, and there is top notch worked in sound. Two base stations handle exactness following, and the Index movement regulators are the best accessible. Obviously, you should look at the best joysticks and flight sticks for Flight Simulator all things considered.

The Index is accessible as a total bundle for about $1,000, however you can likewise piece out the buy in the event that you have existing Vive equipment. This is a costly approach, however it will eventually convey the most exhaustive VR experience inside and outside of Flight Simulator.


  • Amazing showcase planned to work for a great many people
  • Characteristic and reasonable hand following
  • Agreeable fit with a lot of cushioning
  • Exactness movement following SteamVR 2.0 base stations
  • Huge loads of substance through SteamVR


  • High VR cost is on top of PC cost
  • Not entirely convenient

Put an amazing gaming PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the Valve Index together for an excellent VR flying experience.

Best Visuals: HP Reverb G2

Though the Valve Index is a more complete bundle with outside following and the best movement regulators around, the HP Reverb G2 centers intensely around the headset experience. In case you’re sitting at a work area with your hands on the best burden for Microsoft Flight Simulator, this may be the only thing that is in any way important.

The Reverb G2 has double 2.89-inch LCD shows, each with a goal of 2160×2160. That is a joined 4320×2160 goal, which totally blows the Index away. IPD changes are manual, permitting you to get an incredible survey insight. The FOV is a piece smaller than the Index at around 90 degrees and the revive rate finishes out at 90Hz; still, these specs require an incredible PC to accomplish.

Valve really assisted HP with planning the Reverb G2, so the saddle and sound framework is recognizable to Index clients. You will get incredible sound from the underlying earphones, and the lashes are movable for additional solace. There’s no light seep around the face gasket, and there’s a lot of cushioning.

The disadvantage to the Reverb G2 is its movement regulators. They’re not close to as instinctive as the Index regulators, and they depend on back to front following from the headset. As referenced, however, you probably won’t utilize the regulators much in case you’re zeroing in on Flight Simulator. In the event that you simply need the best visuals to encounter the world from the air, this is the best approach.


  • Terrific visual experience
  • Hearty sound
  • Agreeable, tight fit
  • Full similarity with SteamVR
  • 20-foot tie link


  • Regulators could be way better
  • FOV could be more extensive
  • Movement following is patchy
  • HP Reverb G2

The Reverb G2 flaunts the most clear visuals we’ve encountered in VR, with a sound framework that fundamentally adds to the general bundle.

Best Visuals: HP Reverb G2

The Oculus Quest 2 separates itself from the other VR headsets in this assortment with the capacity to work without a PC. It packs in a Snapdragon XR2 processor, 6GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of capacity just inside the head-mounted presentation (HMD). At the front is a LCD show with 1832×1920 goal per eye, and an implicit battery keeps going around a few hours prior to requiring a charge.

Since we’re zeroing in on Flight Simulator, you’ll need to add Oculus Link to the bundle. It’s a specific USB-C link that permits you to tie the Quest 2 to your PC, basically transforming it into an Oculus Rift. You’ll gain admittance to Oculus and Steam game libraries, just as full similarity with the VR side of Flight Sim.

The Quest 2 accompanies refreshed Oculus Touch movement regulators that depend on back to front following from the headset. They’re agreeable and give contact capacitive sensors to a practical vibe. There are a couple of drawbacks to the Quest 2. You need a Facebook record to utilize it, and there’s no manual IPD change. Nonetheless, in the event that you need an untethered encounter that can bend over as a VR framework for Flight Simulator, this is the best approach.


  • Superb execution from worked in CPU
  • Great showcase lucidity
  • Reasonable cost
  • Entirely compact
  • Can interface with your PC


  • Constrained Facebook login
  • Frustrating battery life
  • No manual IPD changes
  • Best Value
  • Journey 2 With Packaging Crop
  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Take it with you

The Oculus Quest 2 is the most recent independent VR headset, and it offers a convincing method to get into VR gaming without the cost of a PC.

Best Value: Oculus Quest 2

Microsoft Flight Simulator is genuinely a cutting edge gaming experience, improved uniquely with a VR headset. Rather than gazing into a screen, you can infuse yourself into a pilot’s seat and investigate while you fly across the world. Adding VR to Flight Simulator takes an as of now PC-serious game and inclines things up. On the off chance that you need a redesign, make certain to look at the best pre-constructed gaming PCs for Flight Simulator just as the best gaming workstations for Flight Simulator. What’s more, the best designs cards can add some genuinely necessary capacity to a maturing framework.

Any of the above VR headsets will work effectively of wowing you inside the game, however the Valve Index is the best full situation accessible at this moment. Visuals, sound, controls, and following all meet up to make something unique, and it will be a strict distinct advantage for all PC exercises. In the event that you need the most flawlessly awesome, this is it.

Be that as it may, in case you’re zeroing in solely on Flight Simulator and couldn’t care less outside following and movement regulators, the HP Reverb G2 puts forth a solid defense. It conveys the best visual devotion I’ve at any point seen and will transform the streamed universe of Flight Simulator into an appropriate treat.

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