How to check Dell laptop warranty status

Dell Warranty Check ~ Find Dell Warranty Status Immediately

Dell computers always come with a one-year standard warranty. If you encounter any problem in your system hardware that cannot be resolved during that time, it will be fixed or restored for free without any cost. If any damage happens to your device during shipping, it is also covered under this warranty. Broken screens, accidents, external abuse, misuse and water damage doesn’t come under this warranty. Rather than buying a new device, avail all the benefits of this warranty. Even though the rules and regulations of all the dell products are the same, they can vary a little by the customer’s location.

You can extend your warranty time when your device is under warranty. The time of extended warranty for workstations, commercial desktop computers and laptops is 5 years, for customer laptops, it is 4 years and 3 years for tablets. Always check the warranty of your dell device before going to the dell office. If the warranty is going to expire then renew it immediately. The extension of warranty is also being done online. You are doing yourself a huge favor by doing this. Set a reminder for that. Registration of your dell device is a must. These are the ways by which you can check up your warranty status:

Dell Warranty Check Online Method

First of all, you should be aware of the service tag or express service code of your device. The service tag contains 5 to 7 characters and express service code has 10 to 11. They are usually written at the back of your device.  If you know them, then you can easily check your dell device warranty status online. Open the browser and search warranty page of dell. Submit your express service code or service tag in the given space. Wait for a few minutes then your warranty status will be shown. If the damaged product is missing the service tag or express service code then that device will not be covered by limited hardware device warranty.

Dell Warranty Check

Check Dell Warranty Status Of Your Device Using Support

If you are not aware of your service tag code then use this support assist method to check warranty status.

All the devices of Dell have this support assist program but if you don’t then install it from Dell page. Open this program on your PC. Once it is opened, your warranty status and its expiry date will be shown on the left panel. You can also note your service tag and code from here.

Check Dell Warranty Status

Direct Contact with Dell Office

Just make a call to Dell’s customer care office and get all the information about your warranty status directly or you can mail them all glitches you are facing in device hardware via dell official website.

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