Dual Monitor Tools

3 Best Dual Monitor Tools Alternatives For Windows

For this issue, many people use dual monitor tools to divide their work on different screens. For example, one monitor will display your current work while the second monitor shows a document file from which you are referencing to do your work.

Using Dual Monitor Tools

To use another monitor Windows offers Dual Monitor tools which is a software that allows usage of two or more monitors on one PC. However, some people may not be satisfied with its service or want an alternative to use more than two monitors.

Alternative Softwares for Screen Sharing

This article will help by providing alternative software which can be used to connect two or more monitors to one PC.


DisplayFusion is a popular alternative to dual monitor tools as it allows better organization due to its extra features. These include features like Multi-Monitor taskbar as well as Title bar buttons which make handling multiple screens much easier. However, most of its services are locked and only wallpaper organization is available in its free version. Upgrade to Pro version is recommended to experience this software’s full capability.


  • A large number of features
  • Can be upgraded to Premium easily

Actual Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors is a commercial software offered for Windows users which allows easier management of multiple screens. It is a simple solution screen management as it improves the capability of Windows interface making it easier and more comfortable to use for multiple screens.


  • Provides an easy screen management interface
  • Makes screen sharing easier and more manageable through its user dedicated services


MultiMonitorTool is another free alternative to Dual monitor tools software which makes multiple screen management easier than ever. It allows a person to set up his primary monitor screen as well as disable and enable additional monitors through its easy to use interface. It also allows the user to move an opened window from one screen to another without any additional hassle.


  • Free to use
  • Makes screen management easier (Allows screen enable and disable as well as setting up the primary monitor for display)
  • Easier to move opened windows from one monitor to the other.

Using these alternatives you will now be able to easily handle multiple monitors on the same PC making your workload easier or improving the gaming experience by a large margin.

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