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Esports Technologies launches Esports Games app on the Google Play Store

Esports Technologies has dispatched its Esports Games application on the Google Play Store as an ally for players watching esports competitions.

The application from the Las Vegas producer of esports betting items assists fans with foreseeing who will win a competition for a match in progress. An iOS rendition is not far off. The application additionally gives question and answer contests to esports fans. The application has dispatched in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

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This “second screen” friend application gives fans another approach to effectively appreciate the esports occasions, versus the latent movement of watching a match. Fans can watch the occasions on YouTube, Twitch, and different stages.

Players can answer random data and make forecasts on the accompanying games: League of Legends, Dota 2, Counterstrike: GO, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Rocket League, Call of Duty.

To sweeten the deal even further, fans who foresee coordinates accurately/dominate the question and answer contest get an opportunity to win a prize that is a comparative size to that of the expert players they are giving a shout out to. It’s 100% allowed to play it doesn’t utilize microtransactions or sweepstakes mechanics, and it upholds significant occasions as well as minor competitions in addition to random data and streaming occasions.

Another stage

The new stage comprises of two sorts of commitment games, zeroed in on esports content: competition forecasts and random data. Qualified players are required to have the option to enter and partake free of charge. For random data challenges, players can respond to inquiries to score focuses and accomplish positions on a worldwide leaderboard.

Likewise, the forecast game permits players to anticipate the results of live-esports match occasions. Instances of results that can be anticipated would be, “Which group may get the primary execute in the

match?” or “What could the last score be?” Players who effectively anticipate the result of the game are additionally qualified to win prizes adding up to the same worth of the prize pool of the real occasion or competitions they are foreseeing.

Esports Technologies chose a main allowed to-play stage, Splash Tech (headed by Adam Wilson), to help foster the Esports Games application. Esports Technologies is exchanged on Nasdaq, and it has 24 workers.

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