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Here’s 10 Best Celebrity Gaming YouTube Channels Ranked in the World

YouTube genuinely has something for everyone, and the video gaming local area is a tremendous piece of that. There are some enormous channels devoted to video games that highlight the absolute best gamers on earth. They give master examination and ongoing interaction, and keeping in mind that that is something that a many individuals search for, there’s amusement to be had in seeing individuals from outside that world messing around.

Individuals are continually hoping to become familiar with their number one big names, and seeing them play computer games online can be an incredible method of doing that. There’s a many individuals who presently have their own channels, yet who has the most engaging one?

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is one of the best UFC warriors ever, somebody who has ruled in WWE and begun breaking out in the realm of acting. Notwithstanding, she’s likewise an ardent computer game fan, and that is an enthusiasm that she gets to feature routinely now with her own YouTube channel.

While there are non-computer game related recordings on there also, principally about Judo strategies, most of her substance is committed to gaming. Ronda is frequently playing various games, sharing her enthusiasm for it which is something a ton of fans may not anticipate.

Snoop Dogg

Another significant VIP name that is additionally an immense gamer is Snoop Dogg. The rapper is perhaps the coolest man on earth and somebody who has crossed types all through his profession, however his YouTube channel additionally has huge loads of computer game substance for individuals, showing an alternate side of him.

While his channel isn’t exclusively devoted to video games, as it likewise includes his music and different ventures, there is an enormous piece of it that is tied in with gaming. Sneak Dogg has an arrangement on the channel which is committed to him playing Madden with his companions, where they talk and play the game together, which is engaging.

Conan O’Brien

While his computer game substance is set onto the Team Coco YouTube channel close by other comedic content from his show, there are still a ton of extraordinary gaming recordings to be found. Conan O’Brien appreciates playing various games, with the arrangement being known as ‘The Clueless Gamer.’

There’s a comedic component to these recordings, with Conan playing an alternate game with every video. He ordinarily plays with one of the visitors from his show at whatever point he tapes it, and the recordings bring the standard diversion esteem that Conan consistently gives.

Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson is somebody who has gotten notable inside the gaming scene because of his YouTube channel, Mighty Gaming. He may be an effective MMA star and somebody who has gone through his time on earth battling without a doubt, however he likewise cherishes computer games.

Johnson plays a wide range of games on his channel, talking through everything while he plays them. He’s developed his local area well, and he is engaging inside his recordings, which keeps individuals returning.

Rampage Jackson

Another MMA star who is likewise important for the gaming scene is Rampage Jackson. Very much like Johnson, he’s common substance of himself messing around on YouTube and Twitch. Jackson has a major character so he is somebody who finds a way into this local area well, and his substance is engaging.

He’s energetic about the games he plays and that makes for extraordinary substance. While he probably won’t be somebody everybody hopes to be a gamer, Rampage is acceptable at them, and his substance is splendid.


Counterbalance is somebody that individuals know from the rap gathering, Migos, and he is likewise a significant video gamer. He has really endorsed to a web-based feature on Twitch, which makes this one of his genuine positions, and that ensures customary substance from him.

He additionally shares his recordings on YouTube, where he regularly plays with his VIP companions, which means individuals find the opportunity to see Offset, yet in addition other popular faces springing up occasionally.

Freddie Prinze Jr

Freddie Prinze Jr is somebody who individuals know well, as he’s featured in a wide range of films and TV programs all through his profession. Notwithstanding, while he’s had a lot of progress to this point, he presently invests his energy playing computer games on both Twitch and YouTube.

Freddie is somebody who offers content consistently, posting as often as possible which is the thing that makes him an extraordinary record to follow for aficionados of his. He treats gaming appropriately, and that makes for an engaging arrangement of recordings to watch.

Chandler Riggs

The vast majority know Chandler Riggs as Carl from The Walking Dead arrangement, where he was one of the lead characters all through his experience on the show. Nonetheless, beside acting, Chandler is a major computer game fan, and he regularly streams on Twitch, just as transferring substance to his YouTube channel.

He plays an assortment of games on his channel, and he regularly connects it back to The Walking Dead, regardless of whether it be the way the character he plays dresses, or by playing endurance type games.

Jack Black

Jack Black is perhaps the most alluring entertainers ever, and somebody who is famous for being overwhelming in all that he does. That is the reason his YouTube channel, Jablinski Games, has demonstrated to be a significant hit. This channel includes a tad of Jack’s life in a video blog style design, just as a lot of video gaming content.

He normally plays Red Dead Redemption 2, giving extraordinary voice acting all through as he describes what he’s doing, endeavoring to be the most pleasant player ever. The channel is amusingly engaging and a great deal of exertion is plainly positioned into its altering also, which causes it to have a cleaned quality.

Xavier Woods

WWE Superstars may invest their energy being physical in the ring wrestling and battling, however that doesn’t imply that is all they care about. Xavier Woods is a marvelous illustration of how individuals can wander out and accomplish more, with his YouTube channel being a tremendous achievement. Woods has developed his UpUpDownDown channel to where he’s similarly as large in the gaming scene as he is in wrestling.

The channel includes a great deal of his WWE associates, as they recount stories and mess around together. In any case, plainly Woods has a genuine energy for gaming. He plays an assortment of games which implies there’s something for everybody, and he generally puts an engaging twist on things.

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