Hill Climb Racing 2

A Brief Guide On Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is an addictive physics-based driving game in which you will come across unique challenges in unique environments. There are several cars available in the game, which can be upgraded so that you reach higher rankings in the game. Your main aim in the game is to win as many races as possible.


Each vehicle available in the Hill Climb Racing 2 has its own unique characteristics. These features make them drive differently. You can improve the performance of each vehicle by upgrading it. The four main categories that need to be upgraded in your vehicle are engine, grip, suspension, and AWD. Here are the examples of some vehicles that you can unlock in the game:

Super Jeep: It is the best vehicle for farming Coins in Adventure Mode. It is an extra-durable vehicle that can protect your gaming character’s head while driving.

Motocross: You can use Motocross for hilly terrains or areas that have water and other obstacles. You will need 20,000 Coins to unlock the Motocross.

Sports Car: It is a great choice for certain races in the Cups Mode. It has the properties of stability, fast speed, and great control. You will require 80,000 Coins to unlock the Sports Car. You can easily get 80k coins with Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack.

Newer Vehicles: You need to upgrade them first for using in Cups Mode.

To keep surviving in the Hill Climb Racing 2, you will require balance, momentum and fuel. Mentioned below is a concise guide on each of them:


Keep the weight of your vehicle as balanced as possible especially while attempting to climb steep hills. This will avoid flipping of the vehicle backwards. To maintain balance, ensure that you keep feathering the vehicle’s accelerator by tapping at its key moments. You even have to keep Momentum while performing this.


It is important to maintain forward momentum ahead of climbing steep hills. If you fail to do so, your vehicle’s wheel will spin, slide backwards, or gain traction before flipping backwards. Moreover, in mid-flight, it is necessary to correct your trajectory before jumping off hills. This can be achieved by balancing the brakes and accelerator as it will enable you to lean back and then push you forward.


If you do not try to save fuel then you will end up getting low fuel warning every now and then. Fuel can be saved by coasting downhills by taking your finger off the accelerator pedal. Then, you can carry your vehicle forward by using gravity and momentum.

Ranked Matches

It is always recommended to attempt the Ranked matches. Ranked matches affect your current total ranking; like Gold III, Bronze I, Silver II, etc. Whenever a player wins a race in Ranked matches, your rank will improve and vice versa. However, the amount of rank that increases by winning the race is much higher than the amount of rank that you lose by losing a race.

When you reach new ranks in the game, you will be able to unlock various stages and vehicles. Moreover, all your opponents will be from the higher rank criteria. The rank that you get in the game is wholly dependent on the number of points you have earned. For instance, if you have earned 10,000 rank points then you will enter the Silver Ranking Zone.

How To Change A Stage In Ranked Mode

The stage that you will get in the Ranked match is randomly selected from all the stages that you have unlocked. In case you do not like a particular stage, then you can exit the race before completing it. You will be losing some points for that but the race will reset the stage. By using this tactic, you will get a new stage to play.

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