How To Get Minecraft Bedrock for Free

Minecraft bedrock is an intertwined-level game designed by Xbox Game Studios. The bedrock version is very resolved. This version of Minecraft is available on multiple platforms, such as Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, windows, and PlayStation.

Minecraft bedrock is the best version to play if you are unfamiliar with a high-tech PC. Bedrock has its specific content selection option known as the Minecraft Marketplace. And the content is of high quality.

According to players, bedrock runs more fluidly with good ping, efficient load time, and minimum collapsing frames. Bedrock was explicitly designed to work on portable devices.

If your java edition is around October 2018, you can get a free bedrock version for windows. And if you don’t, let’s see how to get Minecraft bedrock edition for freebelow. You can get it on your portable device or your PC.

How Do You Download Bedrock for Free?

1-DEMO: You can initially download a free demo to play on your console or Xbox. To download the demo, visit the Minecraft website and access it. Clip on the drop-down menu option in the top-right corner. 

The drop-down bar will the bottom right corner, look for a trial and download option and click on it. A pop-up bar will grow where you should look for the download option. After downloading the set-up file, install it on the device.

 Once the installation is done, start-up Minecraft. Earth is like a cube with a grassy top, as the app’s icon will appear. Sign in with your Minecraft account, set up your details and credentials, and you are good to play it for free.

For XBOX, you can go directly to the play store, look up Minecraft and install it.

How Do You Get Bedrock Edition on Pc?

The bedrock version is exceptionally compatible with a PC system. Here is how to get Minecraft bedrock edition for free for PC.

2-MOJANG: You should have a Minecraft copy to install it for free. If you have the Minecraft version dated 18th October, you can also download a free bedrock version. If you already own a copy for windows, you can get one for mac too.

Open your browser and access your Mojang website. If you already have an account, log in. If you don’t have an account, register yourself and log in.

You will probably have an account already. Make sure you use the one you purchased Minecraft with.

After logging in, search for the bedrock version with the option of “Minecraft for Windows 10.” You will find this option in the middle of the window. Press it.

You will find another “CLAIM YOUR FREE COPY” button on the right side. Select the option, and it will open the Microsoft store for you.

In the Microsoft store, log in with your Microsoft account. After logging in, look for Microsoft and open it. There click the “redeem” option next to the logo. Then download your Minecraft, install and play it.