How to manage and expand Xbox storage space

Running out of room is an undeniable issue now. It was getting troublesome once the computerized period of gaming started to bloom with the Xbox One, and presently it’s being exacerbated by enormous record sizes for upgraded Xbox Series X|S titles and the developing list of Xbox Game Pass games. The base drives in our control center are packed loaded with games we’ve begun, need to begin, and won’t even begin, however, the possibility of erasing any of them is a lot to handle. Indeed, your lone other choice is to buy an expandable stockpiling framework so you can progress forward with your cheerful method of game gathering, and fortunately, adding more capacity to your control center is a lovely basic issue.


With regards to caring for the extra room on your Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One control center, you have two choices: sort out the substance you as of now have put away, or buy an outer/extended memory arrangement. We’ll cover both here to assist you with fixing your drives and return to gaming.

Great stockpiling rehearses

At the point when your hard drive is topping off, it’s not generally down to the number of games you have downloaded. Different variables can likewise influence the space you have left, for example, extra DLC from uninstalled games and ongoing interaction cuts. Here are some positive routines to get into while restraining the hard drive monster.

Extra DLC and additional items

While uninstalling a game from your hard drive, it gives you an alternative to ‘Uninstall all,’ which will eliminate the game and all introduced DLC. Ensure that you twofold watch that there isn’t any DLC introduced on your drives for unused games since certain things can be left finished.

Erase neighborhood save documents

Your game records are saved to both the cloud and your interior drive, in any event, for Xbox 360 titles you play through in reverse similarity. They’re just saved locally for disconnected play, so on the off chance that your Xbox is constantly associated with the web, there is no motivation to be surrendering important drive space to store them. Guarantee that you’re routinely cleaning the nearby saves by going to Settings, System, Storage gadgets, and tapping on Clear neighborhood saved games/Clear nearby Xbox 360 capacity. To repeat, all save documents are upheld in the cloud so erasing the nearby forms won’t influence your games, as long as your control center is constantly associated with the web.

Guarantee games are saved to one drive

This might sound pretty self-evident yet it’s incredibly simple to wind up with a game that saved money on numerous drives, particularly when moving games between the inward and outer/extended capacity. While checking your capacity substance, ensure you’re paying special mind to copy game documents.

Moving is quicker than introducing

This is one that is generally pointed towards proprietors of the Xbox Series X|S consoles. Despite the fact that you can just play Xbox Series X|S games from the control center’s interior or extended memory drives, you can in any case download them to an outer drive for simple access later. On the off chance that you’ve bought another game that you will not be playing immediately, however at that point choose to have a go spontaneously seven days after the fact, you’ll have the option to play the title a lot faster in the event that you’ve effectively downloaded and put away it on a less expensive/bigger outer drive. You should simply move it to your inward drive, which sets aside a small portion of the effort to do contrasted with downloading it. Furthermore, you’ll in any case have the option to mess around on your control center during the drop without dialing back the exchange speeds.

Dealing with your capacity

The primary thing you will need to do is to watch out for the capacity you have left on your drives. That way, you (ideally) will not be gotten out by a full drive. To do this, head to Settings, System, and find Storage gadgets. This will raise the Storage Devices screen and show you a realistic for each drive associated with your framework, showing how much space is left on each drive and the rate utilized in case you are yet to interface any outside/extended drives to your control center, there might be one realistic.


This is the screen you need to keep full control of the capacity on your framework. By choosing the drive you’d prefer to oversee you’ll have the option to do the accompanying:


View substance: See what games and applications are introduced on the drive, and furthermore uninstall undesirable substance.

Move or duplicate: This will permit you to move previously introduced things between your inside and outer/extended drives.

Uninstall things: Use this to be taken to the Free up space page where you’ll have the option to uninstall your games, additional items, and applications in mass.

Introduce here as a matter of course: Pick which drives your introduces will consequently download to, giving you have an outside/extended drive appended.


Rename: Rename the drive to effectively decern which drive you’re taking a gander at (particularly supportive when utilizing different outer/extended drives).

Configuration: To utilize an outside drive for game establishments you’ll have to design it as a media drive. When a drive is designed, however, it’ll just have the option to be utilized to store games, applications, and individual media like pictures and recordings you can turn around this by associating the drive to a PC and reformatting to NTFS. All substances at present on the drive will be erased simultaneously.

Set as catch area: Using an outside drive as your default catch area requires the drive to remain arranged as NTFS. Drives arranged for Xbox game introduces won’t work.

Xbox Series X|S proprietors kindly note: Games that have been streamlined for Xbox Series X|S must be played from the control center’s inside memory (SSD) or the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S — we’ll cover more on that beneath.

Outer and extended capacity

Extra stockpiling on your control center can be accomplished by adding either an outside drive to your control center, (for example, the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox (4TB)) or by buying the new (and not modest) Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S. The two arrangements are incredibly simple to interface with your control center and we’ll go over all you require to do here.

Outer capacity

With regards to adding an outer hard circle drive (HDD) or strong state drive (SSD) to your control center, there’s an immense choice to browse, alongside a shifting level of costs relying upon drive size, kind of drive, and obviously, the brand. When in doubt of thumb, most drives will function as extra stockpiling on your Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One as long as it can hold at least 128GB worth of games and has USB 3.0/3.1 availability.

Whenever you’ve bought your new drive, interface it to your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One by means of an accessible USB port. You’ll be incited to organize this new drive, which will expect you to follow the on-screen prompts it will design the drive to hold games, applications, and individual screen captures and recordings just, and erase all as of now put away documents. On the off chance that, for reasons unknown you counteract the designing cycle, you can make a beeline for Settings, System, Storage, and select the drive to arrange on this screen.

Extended capacity

The lone as of now accessible expandable stockpiling arrangement is the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S Xbox One doesn’t uphold extended memory arrangements and despite the fact that it’s a truckload of cash to buy when contrasted with the outside memory drives, you unquestionably make out really well. In contrast to outside drives, the Seagate Storage Expansion Card openings into a devoted port on the rear of your Xbox Series X|S and utilizations precisely the same equipment as the SSD inside the control center. This implies you can twofold the accessible measure of capacity for Xbox Series X|S improved titles because it going about as a second inner drive.

In the event that you’ve chosen to buy yourself the Expansion Card, interfacing it to your control center is pretty much as basic as eliminating it from the bundling and opening it into the port toward the rear of the control center. Head to your My game and applications to guarantee that it enlisted effectively and that your capacity has broadened by a terabyte.

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