iMessage on PC

iMessage on PC – How to Use For Windows

Due to an increased usage of messaging apps such as Twitter and WhatsApp have become more popular among the people. iMessage is not actually available on non-Apple systems and it makes it difficult to communicate on PC with others.

This article will help you to use on multiple OS by explaining different methods.

Solutions to Use iMessage on PC (Complete Guide)

One of the easiest way is to use one of the extensions of Google Chrome known as Chrome Remote Desktop. This extension allows a person to access on a MAC through another computer with a different OS.

To install and set up Chrome Remote Desktop follow the given steps:

  1. Install the Google Chrome browser and the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on both Mac and Windows computers. (This method requires that you own both Mac and Windows computers)
  2. For the next step, start the app by clicking on Getting Started after you right-click on My Computer.
  3. From Mac, click on Enable Remote Connection. This will now allow you to connect other computers to your Mac.
  4. Now download and install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on Mac and go to the next step.
  5. Start the installer on the Mac and then follow the instructions which the installer provides to finish your installation.
  6. You can now remotely connect to your Mac through a Windows computer and access without any problems.

Note: Remote Extension only works if you are using Mac. It means that you can only access on Windows if you have your Mac.

How to Use Using Emulator

Another method to use iMessage on PC is to use a Mac emulator on your Windows to access Mac supported apps.

These emulators simulate a Mac system on a Windows computer which allows you to then use apps which are supported by the simulated system without having to have one.

Some of the names of emulators are given below, which you can use on your own risk.

  1. APP.IO
  2. Smart Face
  3. Mobione Studio

Method to Use on Mac OS

You can easily use on Mac by following the given steps:

  1. Using the search bar option search for iMessage on your Mac. (Mac computers with OS version above 10.8 come with already installed app)
  2. In the case, app is not found you will need to check your OS version and see if it is not lower than 10.8.
  3. If so, you will need to update your system to use app.
  4. Once you install your updates, go to the app store and install iMessage.
  5. Once installed, open the app and fill in your Apple ID being used by your iPhone.
  6. Your computer will now sync all your iMessage data from your iPhone onto your computer.

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You can now easily access all the messages on both your iPhone and Mac computer without any problems.

Safety Note: Be sure to remember that using these emulators can be dangerous as they may carry harmful viruses or malware. Only use them after giving them a proper check through anti-virus software to reduce security risk.

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