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Crosswords can be an superb way to promote your mind, go the time, and obstacle oneself all at the moment. Of system, in some cases the crossword clue completely stumps us, whether or not it is for the reason that we are unfamiliar with the matter make a difference completely or we just are drawing a blank. We have all of the out there responses for Checklist-ending abbr. crossword clue if you need to have some assistance!

There is very little to be ashamed of if you wrestle on a crossword clue! These puzzles address quite a few various topics, and it is tricky to be an qualified on anything. You will come across that as you participate in a lot more of these online games that you will stop up acquainted with a great deal of the clues that arrive up!

Checklist-ending abbr. Crossword Clue Solutions

A clue can have numerous responses, and we have furnished all responses that we’re mindful of for Checklist-ending abbr.. This clue final appeared July twenty, 2022 in the Newsday Crossword. You are going to want to cross-reference the duration of the responses down below with the demanded duration in the crossword puzzle you are doing the job on for the suitable remedy. The option to the Checklist-ending abbr. crossword clue ought to be:

  • Etcetera (three letters)
  • ETAL (four letters)

Underneath, you will come across any essential term(s) outlined that could assistance you have an understanding of the clue or the remedy much better.

Crossword Clue &amp Response Definitions

  • ET AL (adverb)
    1. and other folks (‘et al.’ is utilized as an abbreviation of `et alii’ (masculine plural) or `et aliae’ (female plural) or `et alia’ (neuter plural) when referring to a amount of persons).
    2. and somewhere else (utilized when referring to other occurrences in a textual content).
  • ENDING (noun)
    1. celebration whose prevalence finishes some thing.
    2. the stop of a term (a suffix or inflectional ending or closing morpheme).

Present day Newsday Crossword Solutions

That ought to be all the facts you need to have to complete the crossword clue you were being doing the job on! Be confident to verify out the Crossword part of our internet site to come across a lot more responses and remedies. You can come across posts with comprehensive information on our NYT Mini Crossword Solutions and NYT Crossword Solutions posts.

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