Microsoft is releasing a translucent controller for Xbox’s 20th birthday

Microsoft is commending the twentieth birthday celebration of Xbox with two or three new, clear frills, including a remote regulator and a wired gaming headset. They’ll dispatch on November fifteenth, 2021 — stamping 20 years to the day — and preorders are accessible at this point.

Beginning with the regulator, Microsoft says its clear look is a callback to the transparent regulators that transported with the first Xbox investigate units. There are sprinkles of the brand’s unmistakable green on the Xbox home button, just as around the D-cushion and back grasps. Microsoft shaded the parts silver so they’d be simpler to see through its packaging. Inside, however, it’s the very model as the one that boats with the Series S and Series X control center, with Bluetooth support for interfacing with cell phones and PCs. This regulator costs $69.99 to preorder through the Microsoft Store, just like Amazon.

The wired Xbox sound system headset is additionally seeking clear treatment, yet on a more modest level. Its ear cups are transparent, with a green twentieth commemoration stamping on the left ear cup. There are likewise radiant green accents on the grilles between the ear cushions and cups, just as on the receiver. This unique version headset will cost $69.99 from the Microsoft Store and Amazon, also, which is $10 over the standard model’s value. You can peruse more with regards to this model (sans the cool twentieth commemoration plan) in our past inclusion here.

The Xbox is turning 20-years of age on November 15, 2021, and to commend its birthday, Microsoft is delivering some smooth new clear frills that incorporate a remote regulator and a wired gaming headset.

We should begin with the regulator. Take a gander at this thing; it’s totally dazzling. This is the very regulator that boats with the Xbox Series S and Series X, yet the thing that matters is all in its style.

As should be obvious, it’s straightforward and components the first Xbox’s particular green on the home button and across the lower part of the grasps.

The wired headset acquires a ton of exactly the same things from the regulator we discussed previously. It includes a dark clear tone with green addresses the blast mic and the “L” and “R” markings inside the earcups. Once more, this is all to respect the first clear green Xbox console.

The twentieth commemoration Xbox regulator will cost $69.99, and the gaming headset will run at a similar cost. The two things are accessible for preorder beginning today, however, they’ll likewise be accessible at different retailers when they authoritatively dispatch.

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