Minecraft Authentication Servers are down

Minecraft Authentication Servers are Down for Maintenance

Minecraft is an old sandbox game with RPG elements where a person is able to mine and craft items by using anything in their surroundings to survive the harsh world. What makes Minecraft different from all other games is the fact that all the objects within the game are rendered in block base format making the game look retro while keeping a classy atmosphere. What makes the game much more fun is its creative mode in which you are free to do whatever you want within your world. You can build a whole RPG experience or maybe build a 1:1 scale model of real life monuments.

Moreover, with new updates and an annual Minecon to boot this game keeps gaining followers which make it one of the most favorite games among the gamer community. Minecraft also offers its people to host their own servers on the game and play with friends. Playing a game Minecraft with your friends while building a home and exploring the world is what makes this game more fun than ever.

Problems in Playing Minecraft

However, sometimes you may not be able to play Minecraft due to various reasons which include problems on your end or the Minecraft company. One of these issues is “Minecraft authentication servers are down” when a person tries to create a dedicated server or connect his account on Minecraft.

This causes problems for many players who are not able to play online game on one of Minecraft servers and are restricted to single play games.

Understanding “Minecraft authentication servers are down” issue

This article will help you by explaining what causes this error and will provide certain steps which can be taken to check that no problem is generating this error from your side of the game.

The reason for this problem is the fact that officially Minecraft authentication servers are down. Minecraft uses dedicated servers to ensure that each and every one of its users is not using a pirated game and authenticates their account with their database before allowing connection to online Minecraft game servers.

Checking Problem on user end

In case of maintenance Minecraft is unable to authenticate your account and you are barred from joining online games until and unless their servers come back online.

In case of internet connectivity issue, restart your device and then try to login to your Minecraft account. This will ensure that no problem will arise from your side and that the problem is with their own servers.

In this case, the only logical solution is to wait for their servers to come back online. Minecraft is played by a large community and only shuts down their servers for a long time after giving a heads up to the users.

Time for servers to come back online

Small server downtime is caused by urgent maintenance needs which take a few minutes or hours depending on the problem. Once that problem is resolved you can safely connect your account without any further problem and play your game on Minecraft servers.

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