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Best TeamViewer Alternatives You Should Try

In this ongoing society, communication between computers has come a long way from finicky and unsecured connections to end to end data encryption due to the use of different number of remote desktop software. Due to advancement in remote desktop software a person can now remotely access their computers with no fear of data leak with ease of access.

Among these remote desktop software Teamviewer is considered as one of the major names in the remote desktop business due to its diverse features and its advanced functionality system.

However, many users of Teamviewer have complained that the software is hard to configure which can lead to an incomplete configuration of the software. Due to this, Teamviewer is not able to establish a secure connection opening user to data leak threats. Moreover, while this software has a free version, it is mainly used to show the capabilities of the software and requires the user to purchase it to be actually available with its features.

This article aims to provide you the best TeamViewer alternatives, instead of TeamViewer.



Splashtop is one in all package featuring all the solutions to remote access. Splashtop is a security-intensive software with a strong emphasis on remote connection security. The software use TLS AES encryption to secure data transfer on both ends and does not require the client to actually install the software to use it at all. For those with a limited budget, Splashtop is one of the cheaper remote access software featuring a variety of options for its low subscription fee.


  • Allows high-quality access of videos and audio files
  • Has a built-in gesture support on mobile devices
  • Easy to use and has a portable version


  • Complicated data plans which are hard to choose from based on the user’s needs.
  • Intensive usage of CPU

Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop

In case you need a remote desktop software which has lower functionality but is free then Chrome Remote Desktop is an appropriate alternative for you. It should be noted while being not as powerful as Teamviewer Chrome Remote makes up for it due to being completely free and uses Chrome browser or a Chrome book to access another system. Moreover, this software is available on all platforms and features end to end encryption.


  • Ease to configure and access
  • Completely free


  • Less available features



NoMachine is a capable remote desktop software which uses NX technology to provide user with one of the fastest and highest quality remote desktop environment. With NoMachine, you can stream live video and audio files from the PC. Moreover, NoMachine features file access and transfer and even allows you to record your sessions to be used for the future. If this does not sell this software then its free price tag with no ads makes it an absolute steal.


  • Easy streaming of videos and audio files
  • Less to no lag
  • Free for individual usage


  • Has a bit of a learning curve to understand its usage
  • Does not feature extensive mobile capability.

nomachine features

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