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The Most Popular Gaming Character of All Time from Fan Index Reveals

The most well known gaming character is Mario from Fan Index Reveals, accepting an incredible 451 focuses from the fan list. In runner up is Sonic the Hedgehog with 394 focuses, accepting a stunning 59,700,700 Google look in the most recent year

Legend of Zelda’s Link lands third spot with 377 focuses, holding the biggest number of Reddit makes reference to

The most un-famous gaming character is Jack from BioShock with only 48 focuses!

We’ve invested a great deal of energy at home, becoming more acquainted with our #1 computer games like never before previously, falling considerably more enamored with an entire scope of gaming characters. In any case, there is a lot of discussion about what characters are the countries’ top choice!

In view of this, specialists at needed to find the most famous gaming characters ever from the smash hit computer game franchises*. To completely explore, made a gaming fans’ file by breaking down the accompanying elements:

  • Deals of the establishment
  • Normal overall quests over the previous year
  • Number of hashtags on Instagram
  • Number of Reddit specifies
  • Gamers fame score (review)

The main 10 most well known characters can uncover that in the lead position, and delegated the most well known gaming character, is Mario with a huge 451 fan list focuses!

Mario positioned first for establishment deals with a stunning 653,000,000 overall duplicates of Mario games sold, packing him a simple 100 focuses. The carefree character additionally positioned 6th for normal overall quests with 4,606,547 (86 focuses) in the previous year alone! In spite of these outcomes, Mario just positioned tenth for notoriety, with 45% of gamers picking him as their definitive top choice.

Not a long ways behind in runner up is Sonic the Hedgehog with 394 focuses. The extraterrestrial hedgehog positioned second for overall quests (59,700,000), giving him 97 focuses! He was casted a ballot the top choice by just 21% of gamers reviewed, anyway packed away himself 91 focuses for his 94,300 Reddit specifies.

Connection from The Legend of Zelda puts third, gathering 377 focuses! It is nothing unexpected as the star of the Nintendo arrangement to have positioned top for Reddit makes reference to (3,920,000) and fame score (74%), getting 100 focuses for both! Curiously, he positioned drop down for search volumes, with 1,196,200 normal pursuits over the previous year.

At number four is Donkey Kong with 354 focuses, scoring high with 3,930,000 yearly normal ventures (83 focuses), 570,000 Instagram hashtags (77 focuses) and 26,400 Reddit specifies (80 focuses).

To finish the 10 most well known gaming characters, the outcomes are as per the following:

  1. Expert Chief (Halo) 323 focuses, (Crash Bandicoot) 323 focuses, Sora (Kingdom Hearts) 323 focuses
  2. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) 314 focuses
  3. Pac-Man (Pac-Man) 308 focuses
  4. (Kirby) 306 focuses
  5. Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) 294 focuses

Shutting the main 10 is Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, star of four of the Assassin’s Creed games, with 291 focuses!

Simply making the last 10 is Joel Miller, positioning 25th out of a potential 34 spots, from the Last of Us. This isn’t unexpected as the establishment just scored 14 focuses for its 24 million deals. He likewise scored low on Reddit look, accepting only 29 focuses for his 1,670 notices.

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption and Simon Belmont from Castlevania were both among the most un-famous with 94 and 74 focuses, separately.

Bioshock’s Jack adjusts the last 10 rundown with measly 48 focuses – a stunning 403 focuses not exactly ahead of everyone else competitor Mario.


  1. * dissected the rundown of top rated computer game establishments that have sold in any event 20 million duplicates and pulled the most well known/perceived character from each to gather the rundown of 36 most famous gaming characters ever.
  2. The group at that point made a file taking a gander at a few elements, including deals of the establishment, search volumes utilizing SemRush, the quantity of Instagram hashtags per character and the quantity of notices on Reddit.
  3. At last, to finish the record reviewed 4,567 gamers worldwide to request that they vote in favor of their top pick from the rundown to give each character a prevalence score.
  4. Games where there is no playable fundamental character were rejected from the rundown.
  5. Stashbird standardized the information by utilizing the PERCENTRANK.INC work in Excel. This capacity restores the position of an incentive in an informational index as a level of the informational collection somewhere in the range of 0 and 1. These qualities were then duplicated by 100 to make the reach somewhere in the range of 0 and 100. The greatest score a character could get was 500.This empowered the group to rank the 36 characters from most to least well known dependent on their all out focuses. The information was gathered on 29/02/2021 and is right as of at that point.
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