Top 10 Countries Analyzed the Highest Earning Prizewinning Esports Players

Paxful has broke down the most elevated acquiring prizewinning esports players from around the globe to see which nations have the most esports players per million and where the world’s top gamers are procuring more than their nation’s normal month to month compensation.

  • China has the most elevated procuring prizewinning esports major parts on the planet contrasted with pay with gamers acquiring 1237% of the normal pay in the country.
  • UK gamers procure on normal 225% of the normal UK pay.
  • Belarus has the most prizewinning esports players per million with 1011.4 esports players per million individuals in the country.
  • The UK has 51.2 prizewinning esports players per million.
  • Switzerland is the least expensive nation to be a gamer when contrasting mainstream support costs and the normal public compensation.

The 10 nations with the most noteworthy procuring prizewinning esports players

Prizewinning esports major parts in China start to lead the pack with the most noteworthy profit contrasted with the nation’s normal compensation (1237%).

UK positions 27 with gamers there acquiring 225% of the normal UK compensation.

Rank Country % of normal compensation

1 China 1237%

2 Philippines 1145%

3 Brazil 1014%

4 Jordan 879%

5 Argentina 557%

6 Bulgaria 534%

7 Pakistan 528%

8 United States 515%

9 Lebanon 501%

10 Ukraine 493%

The 10 nations with most prizewinning esports players per million

We examined the quantity of prizewinning esports players per million against the number of inhabitants in 109 distinct nations.

There are more prizewinning esports major parts in Belarus than elsewhere on the planet.

The UK comes in at number 24 with 51.2 prizewinning esports players per million.

Rank Country gamers per million

1 Belarus 1011.4

2 Malta 565.8

3 Iceland 315.8

4 Finland 279.7

5 Denmark 274.7

6 Sweden 258.2

7 Norway 173.4

8 Estonia 156.6

9 Latvia 111.6

10 Singapore 110.7

The 10 least expensive nations on the planet to be a gamer

To compute how moderate a comfort is, we estimated the retail cost of each support against the normal month to month pay in every country in this investigation.

Switzerland takes the best position in our moderateness positioning.

The UK comes in at number 20 when contrasting the reassure costs with the public normal compensation.

Rank Country Nintendo Switch iPhone SE PC Index

1 Switzerland 6.5% 7.6% 16.3% 3

2 United States 8.4% 11.2% 28.1% 6

3 Singapore 9.0% 13.3% 30.7% 9

4 Australia 10.0% 14.4% 33.7% 13

5 Japan 10.7% 16.2% 34.7% 18

6 Denmark 11.2% 16.6% 30.9% 18

7 Hong Kong 10.2% 15.0% 44.7% 25

8 Canada 12.4% 18.6% 35.8% 26

9 UAE 12.7% 17.7% 40.8% 31

10 Germany 13.9% 20.4% 37.0% 35


The example of esports major parts in our examination comprises of each prizewinning player from nations with $20,000 or more in notable competition wins.

Esports profit are sourced from the top-procuring players per country for 2019, with a greatest example for each nation of 100 players’ income. The retail costs of the items were accumulated from different sources, including official brand sites and provincial online stores.

The expense of the gaming PC in our examination depends on the expense of a Dell G5 Gaming Desktop with a GTX 1660 illustrations card. Costs may mirror the retail cost for a comfort that is sent from a worldwide retailer. Normal month to month pay information was sourced from Numbeo.

List score Countries positioned as an aggregate value positioning for each gaming equipment; a lower score = more reasonable country.

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