V-Moda BoomPro X

V-Moda BoomPro X Review: turn your favorite headphones into the perfect gaming

There’s undeniable value in modest, straightforward contraptions. The BoomPro is a shrewd thought that is executed impeccably. With a solitary link, you get an amplifier (with an adaptable arm for simple repositioning), volume controls, and a quiet switch. It can fill in for the 3.5mm sound link that you’d ordinarily plug into your number one remote earphones, quickly changing them into a greatly improved specialized device.

Throughout recent years, I’ve been utilizing V-Moda’s BoomPro mouthpiece to talk with individuals while gaming. During the pandemic, I’ve likewise consistently utilized the $35 assistant to further develop the sound quality on my finish of telephone calls — when I would prefer not to waste time with my work area mounted Rode mouthpiece, that is.

V-Moda BoomPro X

This week, V-Moda reported another advancement of that thought: the $45 BoomPro X has a changed plan, patched up the mic, and more smoothed out controls. Be that as it may, else it adheres to a great extent to a similar recipe. You can connect it when you’re plunking down for some multiplayer or joining a Zoom meeting, and afterward separate the link whenever you’re done and think carefully like ordinary. Antlion’s ModMic items are comparable in idea, however, they utilize an attractive connection.



  • Works with a wide assortment of remote earphones
  • Great mic quality for what it is


  • No more volume dial
  • The rope is more limited than previously, however, expansion link is incorporated
  • Purchase for $44.99 from V-Moda

The best part of the BoomPro X is its flexibility. You can right away change over any earphones you currently own into a gaming or telephone call headset. Indeed, V-Moda would adore for you to utilize it with the organization’s own earphones — yet it’ll function admirably with different sets like Sony’s WH-1000XM4 or Microsoft’s Surface Headphones 2. However long you have earphones with a separable 3.5mm link, you’re good to go.

A few headsets (like those from Bose) utilize a more modest 2.5mm jack, yet and still, after all that, you can utilize a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm connector to get the BoomPro X working. USB-C connectors work fine as well. Much of the time, utilizing the earphones you as of now love will likewise give you preferred sound quality over you’d get purchasing a solitary reason gaming headset.

V-Moda BoomPro X

Contrasted with the first BoomPro, V-Moda has made many changes. The main distinction is the sort of amplifier being utilized: to assist with lessening foundation clamor, it’s presently a cardioid unidirectional mic that is intended to just get sound coming from any place it’s pointed. The more established BoomPro utilized an omnidirectional mic, which permitted more encompassing sound to come through. Be that as it may, presently your voice ought to be better confined when on work calls or in a chaotic Call of Duty: Warzone match. I’ve consistently got either a climate control system running or a fan impacting to battle the New York summer warmth, and they’re not close to as perceptible in my accounts with the new mic up until now.

As far as mic sound quality, the BoomPro X unquestionably won’t approach an appropriate podcasting arrangement or expert receiver. It appears to support lower frequencies and does not have some freshness. Be that as it may, it’s most certainly clear, and you’ll improve results than you ordinarily would through the underlying mics on remote earphones. The blast arm has a significant effect on clearness, and you don’t need to stress over neighboring commotion that your PC’s mics would get during a work meeting. In my tests on both PS5 and Xbox Series X, everybody said my voice came through boisterous and clear with no irritating sound murmur or different interruptions.

The installed controls have additionally been upgraded and scaled down. They presently look a lot nearer to the inline controls on numerous earphone links, and the lodging is a lot more slender and lighter. The old controls were enormous to such an extent that V-Moda incorporated a non-removable clasp for connecting the plastic to your garments, yet that is gone as is an intermittent draw/drag you’d feel from the past, heavier controls.

In any case, the actual controls have likewise changed. Rather than a dial for changing earphone volume, V-Moda changed to a slider. It does the work, however, something about the dial felt more normal to me. On the opposite side is a quiet switch, which works precisely as you’d anticipate. Since both of the controls currently utilize comparative slider fastens, it’s difficult to recognize them by feel, which is another explanation I favored the old volume handle. However, I don’t think V-Moda had a very remarkable decision thinking about how much more modest the new controls are.

The BoomPro X link is more limited than the first, however in the case you get an expansion link in the event that you need more length between your gadget and the earphones. (Both the standard link and augmentation are every 1 meter long.) I like that since you don’t generally need a huge load of additional lines in case you’re connecting to a game regulator or close by PC. There’s likewise a Y-connector included. New for the BoomPro X, V-Moda additionally tosses in five distinctive small mouthpiece covers in various shadings: this organization is known for its customization and customized ear cup safeguards, however, the mic covers are much more unpretentious.

V-Moda BoomPro X

I’ve preferred the BoomPro enough to convey it in my earphones case for quite a while, and I’m significantly more joyful with the BoomPro X on account of the improved, unidirectional mic. That is effectively worth the $10 extra, and consequently, I get a straightforward device that leaves me sounding better when I’m gaming or telecommuting — all with the earphones I’d be wearing at any rate.

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