Victrix Launches World’s Fastest Xbox Controller and New Wireless Headset

Victrix, a San Diego-based designing and configuration organization claimed by Performance Designed Products (PDP), has as of late delivered two new bits of equipment made for Xbox players. The first is the Gambit Dual-Core Tournament Controller and the second is the Gambit Wireless Gaming Headset.

The Dual-Core Tournament Controller brings an unequaled exhibition experience for Xbox eSports players. The Gambit Dual-Core Controller has the quickest thumbstick, triggers, and fastens on Xbox. One center is committed to super quick information preparing while the second is centered around perfectly clear sound. This converts into less inertness and up to multiple times quicker information reaction than contending regulators.

The regulator offers modding capacities that will fit any gamer’s playstyle. It permits the player to change their regulator to fit the game they’re playing and how it’s played. With 14 included swappable parts you can totally alter the Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller.

The Victrix Gambit Tournament Controller is additionally viable with the Victrix Control application which considers further customization. This incorporates button re-planning, no man’s land changes, simple stick/trigger adjustment, custom sound profiles, diagnostics, and significantly more. All of these capacities is accessible free of charge in this application.

In the interim, the Gambit Gaming Headset is intended to give serious gamers a benefit. This headset incorporates a lifetime membership to Doly Atmos on PC and Xbox Consoles. Furthermore, it likewise remembers support for 3D sound for PlayStation 5 and is the principal authorized remote headset intended for the control center.

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The headset utilizes a significant part of a similar acoustic plan, lightweight parts, and agreeable materials as the very much respected Victrix Pro AF Headset. The Gambit headset can be utilized remotely for up to 40 feet or set up with an included 3.5mm link that components in-line controls.

Navin Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer at PDP, had the accompanying to say in regards to the recently delivered Victrix equipment:

The Victrix brand is committed to giving fans a strategic advantage. Our in-house designing group works next to each other with esports experts to make items that gamers will adore and need to utilize seriously since they realize they’re getting the best equipment available.

We coordinated innovation from the Victrix Pro line of items into the new Gambit line for premium execution and plan that regular gamers, and experts, can appreciate at more receptive value focuses.

The Victrix Dual-Core Tournament Controller and Gambit Gaming Headesdet are right now discounted at Victrix’s site and select gaming retailers. The MSRPs of the things is $99.99 USD and $129.99 USD separately.

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