Where’s my Gran Turismo 7 pre-order bonus?

I pre-ordered Gran Turismo 7 last week and was supposed to get a $10 bonus for doing so. But when I went to check my order status today, the bonus wasn’t there! Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to fix it?

If you pre-ordered Gran Turismo 7 from an authorized retailer, you should have received a code for a $10 bonus credit. However, if you didn’t receive the code or if the code isn’t working, there are a few things you can try:

First, make sure you’re entering the code correctly.

The code should be 16 characters long and start with “GT7.” If you’re still having trouble, try contacting customer service for the retailer you ordered from.

They should be able to help you troubleshoot the problem or give you a new code.

What do you get for preordering Gran Turismo 7?

Preordering Gran Turismo 7 gets you a few cool bonuses.

First, you’ll get early access to the game so you can start playing it right away.

You’ll also get two exclusive cars to race with: the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 and the Dodge Challenger SRT8.

And finally, you’ll get a special livery for your car that you can only get by preordering the game.

So if you’re a big fan of Gran Turismo, preordering the game is a no-brainer. You’ll get to play it sooner and you’ll get some cool extras to go along with it.

How do you claim pre order bonus on Gran Turismo 7?

If you pre-ordered Gran Turismo 7, you may be wondering how to claim your pre-order bonus. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Store and select ‘Account Management’.
  2. Select ‘Transaction History’.
  3. Find your Gran Turismo 7 purchase and select ‘Download’.
  4. Follow the prompts to download and install your pre-order bonus content.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy your pre-order bonuses in Gran Turismo 7. Thanks for choosing to pre-order Gran Turismo 7, and we hope you enjoy the game!

How do I claim 1m credits in GT7?

You can earn 1m credits by unlocking and completing all of the available missions in the game. Once you have completed all of the missions, you will automatically receive the 1m credit payout.

You can also find 1m credits scattered around the game world, often in hard-to-reach places. If you explore thoroughly, you should be able to find all of the 1m credit stashes.

Finally, you can purchase 1m credits from the in-game store using real money.

Once you have purchased the credits, they will be added to your account immediately. Thanks for playing!