CubiOs’s WOWCube – The Best Next-Generation of Puzzle Video Gaming

What gadget do you get when you blend a Rubik’s shape and a handheld gaming framework? You get CubiOs Inc’s WOWCube!

The imaginative Rubik’s 3D shape was envisioned by 12-year-old Savva Osipov and made by his father Ilya Osipov a PC researcher and creator whose diversion is planning mechanical riddles. At some point, Savva said to his father: “Wouldn’t it be cool if each square on a Rubik’s Cube was really a little screen?” Ilya realized straight away it was an extraordinary thought and begun building the model.

Following four years, the Osipovs built up a useful form of the idea, considering it the WOWCube. On October 9, 2020, the WOWCube won the Muse Design Awards 2020 as a Platinum Winner in Product Design.

Utilizing a coordinated iOS/Android application, clients can stack various games into the gadget by means of Bluetooth. Different games have just been created for the WOWCube framework, for example, labyrinths, puzzles, word games, and arcade-style games. It has an open API (application programming interface) for outsider engineers to make their own games whenever wanted. The games are played by contorting, shifting, and shaking the gadget.

In any case, the WOWCube isn’t only for games. At the point when you let it out of your hands, it goes into the screensaver mode indicating gadgets or playing an energized backdrop (going about as surrounding style). It can likewise show photographs, time, date, climate, air quality, etc.

CubiOs Inc clarifies:

It is an exceptional gadget looking like a shape made of 8 separate work area modules associated with one another. Every module is a different gadget with three high-goal screens and a CPU inside. It permits playing computer games that sudden spike in demand for each of the 24 screens covering six sides of the gadget at the same time and opens up freedoms to communicate with the computerized world as though it’s a genuine article by curving the comfort, shaking and shifting.

The WOWCube estimates 70 by 70 mm on each side and weighs 335 g (11.8 oz). One charge of its 4,320-mAh lithium-particle battery is supposedly useful for eight hours of utilization. Should you be intrigued, CubiOs Inc is taking pre-orders for the $249 gaming gadget and anticipate that delivery should begin before the current year’s over.

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