8BitDo SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud Gaming

8BitDo SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud Gaming Review (2021)

Assuming you’re comfortable with different regulators from 8BitDo, this adaptation of the SN30 Pro regulator will not offer many amazements. Other than its Xbox-explicit marking, smooth matte dark colorway, and accentuation on streaming games by means of Xbox Game Streaming on Android, it’s generally equivalent to its archetypes. Nonetheless, its weight, general plan and extremely restricted stage support as a telephone regulator may not be the most ideal decision for most clients hoping to game in a hurry.

Plan and Features

8BitDo’s SN30 Pro regulator not just draws motivation from Nintendo’s Super Nintendo/Super Famicom regulator – it intends to copy and work on the first experience by adding Bluetooth availability, double simple sticks, and double simple triggers.

8BitDo SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud Gaming

First thing, you’ll notice the regulator’s format intently takes after that of a PlayStation-style regulator with the double simple sticks equal, rather than the offset design commonly found on Xbox regulators. This might be sufficient to dismiss Xbox idealists, however, when you venture back and take a gander at where this regulator dominates, it isn’t so large of an issue.

To begin, the D-cushion on 8BitDo regulators is top-level, might I venture to say nearly as great – if worse – than Nintendo’s well known D-cushions in specific circumstances. The size and shape are practically indistinguishable from that of the SNES regulator, with bolts indented on every one of the cardinal headings and a little inward circle in the middle to rest your thumb. The press of the D-cushion is by and large what you need: the perfect measure of the press without feeling soft, a wonderful snap that doesn’t feel overstated like the D-cushion on the Xbox One regulator, and a pleasant surface that keeps your finger set up.

The face catches inverse the D-cushion is likewise like the SNES regulator in the design and separating. They are shading facilitated to coordinate with Xbox’s shading plan and marked as such with A/B and X/Y traded to line up with Microsoft’s regulators. The real fastens aren’t exactly however adjust on the top as they seem to be on an Xbox regulator, obviously taking plan prompts by and by from the SNES regulator’s face catches. In spite of the fact that it’s in reality nearer to the Super Famicom variant of the regulator as every one of the catches is curved, rather than the SNES regulator’s sunken X and Y catches. The individual catches rush to press and snap back to their default position. In general, they feel better.

The guards and simple triggers on the highest point of the regulator are the most off-kilter feeling out of everything. The actual catches don’t really feel terrible, it’s all the more so the plan choice made to keep the “SNES” feel of the regulator that makes things fascinating. In light of the slight profile of the regulator, the double guards and triggers are extremely slim and exceptionally wide to oblige the plan. This implies your fingers tend to sneak off the triggers, as there isn’t a lot of surface region to lay on when you’re squeezing downwards. There’s a sorry lip to keep your finger set up, either, which I found added to in general issues with the triggers. By the by, the genuine triggers feel great to press. There’s a lot of strain, and they are unquestionable of a quality form. I simply wish they looked like more ergonomic current trigger plans.

8BitDo SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud Gaming

As with other SN30 Pro regulators, this one provisions a bunch of simple sticks at the foundation of the regulator. These were one of the greater shocks for me, as they really feel durable and exact. Shape-wise they are a bit nearer to the DualShock 4’s simple sticks, yet a bit more modest. There’s a finished hold around the outside of the sticks and an agreeable indent for your thumbs to rest. They feel a bit stiffer than most simple sticks, yet are exceptionally smart when moved around.

What makes this SN30 Pro regulator not the same as the host of different alternatives and colorways is the Xbox-explicit catches. To be specific, the huge focal Xbox button pulls up your menu in-game and furthermore permits the regulator to repair the last gadget it was associated with. There’s additionally the menu and view catches in their individual areas beneath the focal Xbox button, too.

8BitDo additionally has two exclusives that fastens a star button on the base left half of the regulator underneath the D-cushion and the profile button inverse that, beneath the face catches. The star button permits you to rapidly turn fastens on the fly. For example, assuming you needed to trade the An and B catches for a particular game, you can do that by holding the two catches you plan to trade and press the start button. Catches will remain modified until the regulator is fueled off. The profile button permits you to flip on or off explicit profiles that you can modify with 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software for PC and Mac.

8BitDo SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud Gaming

Other than the genuine catches themselves, the SN30 Pro provisions a USB-C port for charging and availability. It has a 480mAh Lithium-particle battery that gives as long as 16 hours of recess with around 1-2 hours expected to re-energize totally. It likewise safeguards battery life by going into a rest mode following two minutes without association, and 15 minutes with no movement when associated.

8BitDo’s SN30 Pro regulator is likewise very lightweight. It weighs simply 111g – or about a fourth of a pound. While this is great for something that you’ll probably be heading out with to play in a hurry, it turns into a bit inconvenient when you have a gadget associated with it utilizing the included telephone cut.


8BitDo offers a free downloadable programming apparatus for PC and Mac called Ultimate Software.

8BitDo SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud Gaming

By associating your regulator to the Ultimate Software application you have unlimited oversight over how every catch, stick and trigger acts. 8BitDo permits you to remap each and every contribution on the regulator, assemble and save profiles for explicit games, and surprisingly set up button macros. What’s significantly more noteworthy is the capacity to change the scope of the simple sticks and simple triggers to respond all the more rapidly.

Indeed, even without the product, there are still some convenient changes you can make on the fly. As referenced previously, the star button on the regulator permits you to briefly trade two catches for a particular game, if necessary. Also, you can flip the triggers among simple and advanced with the start button. This is particularly helpful for games that don’t exploit simple triggers and you’d lean toward the quicker reaction time.


Alright, so how can it really feel when playing Xbox games? I’ll be straightforward; it’s a bit odd. This regulator favors retro games commonly of its plan, with the D-cushion and face catches corresponding to each other.

8BitDo SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud Gaming

During my playtesting, I attempted a few distinct games across various kinds. All things considered, I tracked down that retro-propelled nonmainstream games that used the D-cushion like Scourgebringer or really loosening up account driven games like Spiritfarer were the perfect balance for this regulator.

Hopping into FPS games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege or Halo: The Master Chief Collection simply didn’t feel open to playing for significant stretches. Since the regulator is so little, it feels exceptionally swarmed with the number of information sources packed onto its face. Furthermore, the issues I have with the simple triggers are extremely evident when you are attempting to point down sights and line up a shot. The absence of surface region on the triggers causes it to feel particularly troublesome when you’re playing jittery games that require speedy development and quick reflexes. That being said, I did truly see the value in the simple triggers in Forza Horizon 4 where they performed incredibly well since I could continuously add and decrease the tension on them without essentially taking my finger off the trigger.

The greatest issue I had while playing was really the heaviness of the SN30 Pro regulator – or scarcity in that department. Since it’s so lightweight, I really became exhausted far faster than with different regulators. The telephone I associated it with really weighed more than the regulator, causing it to feel extremely awkward when being used. Having to continually offset the telephone’s weight puts extra weight on my hands, making them get sore rapidly. This is additionally because of the way that the SN30 Pro’s plan isn’t extremely ergonomic for gaming today. In the event that you’ve at any point utilized a SNES regulator for broadened timeframes, you’ll comprehend the kind of weariness that can accompany holding it.

8BitDo SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud Gaming

I wound up changing the point of the telephone continually to decrease weakness. I would play for a little, begin to get sore someplace, change the point, and rehash. It’s fine for short play meetings, yet in case you’re hoping to sink hours into games with this regulator – I would look somewhere else.

Strangely, I discovered this regulator most pleasant when I wasn’t really associated with the telephone. In the event that you can set your telephone up someplace and play, it’s a substantially more agreeable experience. What’s more, since the SN30 Pro for Xbox works with Android tablets, this is an extraordinary method to stream your Xbox games while somebody utilizes the TV, or while voyaging. As well as streaming Xbox games with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the SN30 Pro additionally works with versatile games for Android that help regulator input.

One extra significant snippet of data to note is that this regulator just chips away at Android. That is it. It doesn’t work with Xbox consoles, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, or iOS.

Buying Guide

The 8BitDo SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud Gaming regulator is accessible on Amazon or from Microsoft with an MSRP of $44.99.


8BitDo’s SN30 Pro for Xbox Cloud Gaming regulator is a very much constructed regulator that truly sparkles best when playing retro-propelled independent games that exploit its phenomenal D-cushion. Be that as it may, its lightweight plan is both a gift and a revile – prompting successive hand weakness when matched with an enormous telephone.

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