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Expanded selectivity in allowed to mess around and the end of non-center exercises, pointed toward pulling together assets available for premium games with higher added esteem, creates a hindrance loss of roughly EUR 5 million and a modification of direction for the monetary year finishing March 31, 2021

Atari, one of the world’s most notable customer brands and intuitive diversion makers, today reported the execution of another technique for Atari Gaming, the division covering games, VCS, and permitting, pointed specifically at giving new assets to the improvement of higher worth-added premium games. This adjustment of technique was embraced by the Board of Directors on July 1, 2021, subsequent to leading an inside and out an audit of the resources and chances of the Atari Gaming division.

For Wade J. Rosen, CEO and biggest investor of the Group: “Our purpose with any gaming experience is to give open and upbeat snapshots of significant play. That is the center of Atari and what ties our set of experiences with our future. Keeping that in mind, we feel that superior gaming is a better agent of this kind of gaming experience and the Atari DNA. Notwithstanding this new spotlight on premium gaming, we stay focused on developing and growing our fruitful allowed-to-mess around that we have on the lookout. These progressions will affect our 2020/21 financials and will produce a 5 million euro discount for the monetary year finishing March 31st, 2021. This reorientation will offer Atari an interesting chance to be the scaffold between the past and the eventual fate of computer games, and I anticipate driving these changes.”

Atari means to move its computer game portfolio to premium games for control center and PC. While the cutthroat and advertising climate is burdening the allowed-to-play plan of action, five allowed-to-mess around will be ceased or sold (RCT Stories, Crystal Castles, Castles and Catapults, Ninja Golf, Atari Combat: Tank Fury). Fruitful games with an unwavering client base are not influenced. In the space of premium games, Atari plans to use its index of 200 exclusive games to fabricate a solid pipeline of premium games on all stages. The primary titles are as of now being developed and the main deliveries are gotten ready for the monetary year 2021/22. This contribution will logically reinforce the substance offered on the Atari VCS, whose business rollout is increased (see the official statement of June 8, 2021).

To effectively dispense its assets to the achievement of this new system, Atari has chosen to leave its immediate activities of Atari Casino in Africa. As for the TV Broadway, the Group has taken the choice to zero in on permitting arrangements and thus to record the resources comparing to TV shows recently created by Atari. As we approach the end of the financial reports for the monetary year 2020/21, the worldwide survey of games and non-center exercises coming about because of the execution of the new methodology will create a weakness of roughly EUR 5 million. Accordingly, Atari is pulling out its positive net outcome direction for the monetary year 2020/21. Barring the bookkeeping effect of these debilitations connected to the adjustment of technique, solidified overall gain for 2020/21 would have been positive, as expected in the official statement of April 6, 2021. The yearly outcomes for the monetary year 2020/21 will be distributed by July 31, 2021, at the most recent.


The acknowledgment of the plans, and their functional financial plan and financing plan remain innately unsure, and the non-acknowledgment of these suspicions may affect their worth.

About Atari:

Atari, involved Atari SA and it’s anything but, a worldwide intelligent diversion and multiplatform authorizing bunch. The genuine trailblazer of the computer game, established in 1972, Atari possesses as well as deals with an arrangement of in excess of 200 games and establishments, including around the world referred to brands like Asteroids®, Centipede®, Missile Command®, and Pong®. From this significant arrangement of scholarly properties, Atari conveys appealing internet games for cell phones, tablets, and other associated gadgets. Atari likewise creates and appropriates intelligent diversion for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo game control center. Atari additionally uses its image and establishments with permitting arrangements through other media, subordinate items, and distribution.

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