Best Offline Android Games

4 Best Offline Android Games to Play Without Internet

In this current era, mobile gaming has seen a popularity boom within the gaming community. With improvements in mobile capabilities, many game developers are shifting to the mobile platforms on Android and Apple to meet the changes of society. Due to this, a person is able to install many different types of games on their mobile phones and play them on the go. However, many interesting and popular games require an internet connection. This makes them unpopular for on-the-go gaming or in case no internet connection is available at the moment.

This article aims to provide an best offline android games:

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular farming games available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and now on Mobile which combines farming, fishing, mining, exploration, and relationship building all within a single packet. Do you feel a headache, or are you having an off day? This game will simply refresh your mind by immersing you in its pixelated scenery.


  • A farming simulator with different role playing elements.
  • Pixelated and beautiful to look at graphics.
  • Support save transfer form PC to mobile.
  • Supportive developers with many updates planned.


Crashlands is one of the most popular offline games on Android featuring a loot collection game where you are stuck on an inescapable planet, need to build your base, and fight bad guys while collecting loot from battles and leveling up your gear.


  • Features a fun combat system
  • Tons of stuff to collect and build
  • Humorous and wonky which will make you laugh
  • Auto inventory management

Note: The game requires an internet connection for cloud saving but otherwise can be played without restrictions.


Redungeon is an 8-bit retro-style game where you control a character and try to advance further within the dungeon by escaping monsters, spike traps, flame-throwing machines, etc. While being hard this game features a variety of unlockable characters each carrying their own respective special abilities which can be upgraded by using coins collected throughout the gameplay session.


  • Perfect for on the go gaming when you need to pass time.
  • Features a variety of characters all with their respective powers to help in the run.
  • An endless game with hardcore elements testing your own mettle.

Soul Knight

Soul Knight is a dungeon crawling game where you select one of many different classes and try to advance through a dungeon with 15 levels with a boss at every 5 level mark.  Add to that each run is unique featuring different enemies and a large number of weapons to choose from on the go.


  • Features a large variety of weapons to choose from each having a different feel to their attack.
  • A diverse range of characters which can be unlocked featuring with different play styles and special abilities.

Moreover, while being playable offline you can hook up with internet to play with up to 4 players at the same time. This makes this game a popular single and multiplayer experience at the same time.

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