Hisense U8G

Hisense U8G Android TV (65U8G) Review 2021

Whether or not you see yourself as an in-your-face gamer, cinephile or an individual essentially searching for a worth pressed 4K TV, the Hisense U8G gives a ton of something to everybody.


  • Amazing picture quality
  • Google Assistant mix
  • Sensible cost
  • Implicit mic with on/off switch


  • Sound quality could be better
  • Voice controls are really out of place
  • Stands are somewhat wide and meddlesome

Hisense has spent the recent years making exceptional TVs like the Hisense U80G ULED 8K TV that undercut the huge canines like Samsung, Sony and LG without numerous trade offs. That proceeds with the new Hisense U8G ULED which the Chinese hardware maker suitably depicts as “Incredible For Everything.” It’s a fitting portrayal for the ULED 4K Android TV that is certain to satisfy everybody from gamers with cutting edge control center to film sweethearts and any other person in the middle.

Other than offering a full set-up of Dolby highlights including Vision, IQ and Atmos, the U8G additionally packs in HDR10+ and local 120Hz board. The entirety of this is controlled through the Android TV working framework that fuses both Google Assistant, inherent Chromecast and voice controls with protection switch.

Hisense U8G

All that said, in case you’re hoping to buy a balanced UHD TV that is highlight stuffed without spending an exorbitant price you ought to remember the U8G.

Cost and accessibility

The Hisense U8G comes in two screen sizes – 55 inches and 65 inches – both are accessible now at significant retailers including Amazon and Best Buy. Hope to pay $999 for the 55-inch and $1,249 for those additional ten creeps of visual land.

Contrasted with other UHD TVs with comparative sizes, the LG Nano 90 costs somewhat more with the 55-inch and 65-inch being estimated at $1,049 and $1,499. In the interim, the Sony X900H is estimated also to the U8G at $999 for the 55-inch with the 65-inch costing $1,399. Of the three, we think the Sony is somewhat of a superior incentive for the cash – particularly in case you’re searching for the best 55-inch TV, yet at 65-inches the Hisense U8G is exceptionally serious at its value point.


Many have adulated Hisense’s new shows for their advanced plan theory, and that will probably proceed with the U8G: the legs that stretch out genuinely out of sight the sides and notwithstanding keeping the TV staggeringly tough, this is certainly intended to be the focal point. Purchasers who sit their TVs on top of furniture like dressers might need to scrutinize their space the board abilities.

That shouldn’t be an issue on the off chance that you have a wide amusement community yet, in case not, it’s significant that the stands are fanned out past the rear of the TV and you’ll must be somewhat cautious in case you’re accustomed to putting gadgets behind your showcase.

Fortunately the bezels on the U8G are genuinely slight in general and make the TV look genuinely slim paying little heed to survey point. At the base, the bezel gets somewhat thick as that is the place where the amplifier close by the mic off/on switch is found.

Hisense U8G

Behind the showcase, the TV doesn’t jut out a lot and lifting it isn’t really awful considering the U8G weighs under 60 pounds. Moving the TV out of the container to a table wasn’t troublesome in the wake of fastening the legs.

Ports are sufficient also. Essentially arranged on the left side behind the presentation, the force line lays on the contrary side. Four HDMI ports including one eARC, two USB inputs, RF input, RCA composite info and 3.5mm sound sit upward. Close by on a level plane are ports for advanced sound yield and LAN.

Gamers who are sufficiently fortunate to get their hands on both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will be glad to realize that two of the HDMI ports support 4K at 120Hz while the other two help 4K at 60Hz. This leaves adequate space for two cutting edge consoles, Nintendo Switch and a chose streaming gadget just in case.

The bundled controller for the U8G doesn’t arrive at the straightforwardness of controllers from Roku or Apple TV however it does the work as far as route. There’s a Google Assistant catch too close by Android TV programming controls. In the same way as other present day controllers, there’s likewise fast fastens that will take clients to applications like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube, Tubi and Peacock.

The IR distant has Bluetooth implicit however it must be principally associated through the menu button which appears to be somewhat odd. At the point when the lights are off, nonetheless, route isn’t troublesome due to a backdrop illumination. Truly, there’s nothing uncommon about the distant except for it unquestionably takes care of business.

Keen TV (Android TV)

There have been numerous objections about present day TVs that use Android TV concerning responsiveness. For the U8G, there wasn’t a lot of languor or non-responsive minutes during testing. Applications including Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and more booted sufficiently with no issue.

In case you are as of now an unwavering individual from the Android biological system, setting up the U8G is a breeze. Once signed in through your Gmail account, everything from Wi-Fi to applications are signed in naturally which soothes clients of the “new TV” inconvenience of reappearing logins and passwords on certain applications. In case you’re as of now utilizing Netflix or Disney+ on your telephone, Google will utilize its secret key bank consequently following a brief.

Hisense U8G

There are voiceless controls too because of the U8G’s inherent amplifier when not requesting to do anything excessively mind boggling. That is generally an extraordinary element, however in the event that you have various brilliant TVs, Android gadgets as well as Google Homes, there’s the chance of whimsical minutes where Google gets somewhat confounded. During snapshots of media controls, voice controls function admirably for essential playback activities like Stop, Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward and Play.

Perhaps the greatest positive for Android TV is the sheer number of applications spread out between web-based features and games. Obviously, clients who need to play the huge measure of games accessible on Google Play like Asphalt Racing, Unkilled, Crossy Road and the preferences will require a viable gamepad. All the more so assuming clients need to take a stab at Google Stadia.

Hisense’s ULED innovation proceeds to improve and the U8G is additional verification: rich, delightful tones and profound blacks make shows, movies and games look stunning.

Other than offering 4K goal, the U8G’s local 120Hz screen upholds IMAX Enhanced, FilmMaker Mode, Dolby Vision, Dolby IQ, HDR10+/HDR10 and Quantum Dots. Darkening zones have been expanded from 180 to 360 close by a powerful differentiation proportion of 10,000:1 and up to 1,500 nits top splendor. This implies that paying little heed to survey point or splendor of the room one is seeing in, picture quality remaining parts sensational.

Incorporated into the U8G is an uncommon enemy of glare film too. As referenced beforehand, the U8G is likely the most balanced TV from Hisense highlight astute, however the incredible picture quality is the primary draw.

There are a large number of different picture setting choices from splendor to picture modes. Sports sweethearts with a sharp eye for visuals might discover some utilization out of the different movement upgrade and clearness modes. It’s certainly recognizable during testing as the greatest game on the planet, the 2021 Olympics, looked perfect. Another incredible games model is Netflix’s Naomi Osaka narrative which exploits Dolby Vision and HDR10.

Cinephiles might see the value in FilmMaker Mode which debilitates post-preparing while at the same time protecting right viewpoint proportions, shadings and edge rates as expected by the movie producer. It unquestionably looks extraordinary when taking a gander at more seasoned monochrome film or anything before advanced cameras dominated. This implies that works of art like A Fistfull of Dollars, Bullitt or even Blaxploitation films like TNT Jackson look astonishing.

However not as gaming-engaged as Hisense’s U7G, there’s much for gamers to appreciate with the U8G. Close by offering 4K with a 120Hz invigorate rate, the TV additionally includes a Game Mode Pro which has VRR and FreeSync Premium for worked on input slack. However cutting edge consoles from both Sony and Microsoft still can’t seem to genuinely use the maximum capacity power, there are a few games that look wonderful on the U8G. PS5 games like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart help 4K/120Hz and it’ll be hard to return to 60Hz once players get an opportunity to look at it. There are more games on Xbox Series X|S like Mass Effect Legendary Edition that truly feels as though it improves interactivity.

Regardless, sound quality is steady close by Hisense’s more up to date yield of TVs. In case clients are searching for a stronger artistic encounter, a soundbar or speaker framework might be the most ideal choice. All alone, the U8G worked in speakers offer a normal sound encounter. However the TV can get inconceivably boisterous, sound quality lessens once clients go past the 20 point range.

Underneath that volume level is a little to medium room, sound quality is genuinely rich when watching a TV series or watching a film.

When paying attention to music on high loyalty music web-based features like Tidal, sound quality is extraordinary‚Ķ in the event that you are inside a sensible volume range. There’s some wealth in high pitch and mid-tones while bass sounds pleasantly profound. Simply recall that at more elevated levels, there’s a degree of contortion that some might discover awkward.

Would it be advisable for you to purchase the Hisense U8G ULED TV?

You need some exceptional picture quality

Regardless of whether sitting in front of the TV shows, movies and playing the most recent cutting edge consoles from Microsoft or Sony, the U8G watches are completely staggering being used. Helps that it upholds HDR and Dolby Vision.

In case you’re an Android client, everything from introductory TV set up to signing into different web-based features is a breeze. Dissimilar to past Hisense models, the UI isn’t drowsy by the same token.

$999 for the 55-inch and $1,299 for the 65-inch, the Hisense U8G is ideally suited for the individuals who need somewhat in excess of a financial plan 4K yet can’t bear the cost of more exceptional TVs.

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