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The Sumerian PC Download game was created as a piece of a joint exploration project in 1964-1966 among the Board of Cooperative Services of New York, Westchester County, IBM for examination in regards to the ailment and use of PC based reproduction in instructive develops. It basically comprises of a text-put together account for a system with respect to the subject of land and asset the executives.

Planned by Mabel Addis and customized by William McKay, the primary form of the game was tried on 30 6th grade understudies in the year 1964 who were given to play the game. A repaired rendition of the game was delivered later in the year 1966 with highlights that focused light on ongoing interaction and additional stories to the past substance and varying media components.


The game, fundamentally, contains predominantly three sections, each addressing the reigns of three rulers in a city in Sumer called Lagash – Luduga I, II, and III, pretty much around 3500 BC. Each fragment levels up in the proportion of its intricacy and requests the player to manage new specialists to develop the city without any preparation.

The player additionally faces the outcomes of their earlier choices, normal disasters just as advancement in the area of innovation that renders various characteristics to the current level they are in and influences the ongoing interaction biome enormously.


As referenced before, the Sumerian game uses a technique that is chiefly text-based and spins around the primary point; asset the board. In the main portion of the game, the player for the most part begins with the data of how much excess; sections of land of farmland, number of domesticated animals, and so forth Each round (set in 3500BC) addresses each season. The player is expected to settle on their own choices with respect to how much grains should be utilized, the number of seeds to plant, and so forth, to develop a city.

Each choice has its own arrangement of outcomes and can’t be scattered so the player should be mindful with respect to the means the person takes. The city can likewise confront regular cataclysms like floods, fierce blazes which can influence the city’s reap or populace. How much excess can likewise be impacted as it tends to be eaten by rodents?

In the second and third portions, the populace and grains/seeds of the city are modified to reset levels in spite of a player’s exemplary exhibition in the earlier section.

Highlights of the game

How about we dive into the elements of the games in subtleties.


The game incorporates a powerful guide that is habit-forming all along.

Residents of the city

The player simply needs to press a button; the residents accomplish practically everything. In straightforward words, the player is the commandant, the person settles on the choices and the residents have no other decision than to oblige. Obviously, with each off-base choice, the residents endure the side effects also.

Thinks about religion

It is exceptionally uncommon to drop by a game that remembers our strict perspectives. This game permits the player to fabricate a sanctuary for its residents to upgrade the impact of religion and thusly, draw in more tenants into the city.

Cheerful residents, Happy city

It is required that the player additionally needs to pay their laborers’ wages for the development of the players wanted build.

Water system channels

The collect region can be expanded by developing more water system waterways that lead to more water and subsequently yields more overflows.


The player can likewise grow his financial reach by trading and shipping harvest from the city to the adjoining urban areas.

The player subsequent to acquiring benefit can even form a superior stockpiling house to save the excess better and save it from rodents and normal cataclysms. Purchasing new items likewise aid expanded wages for the laborers.


New advances can be explored and new shipping lanes can be made for expanding the monetary reach

The game was made during the earliest history of computer games for, as referenced prior, research in regards to virtual experiences in schools. This game is a fantastic model of the text-based methodology gaming and city building types.

It has been considered to be the absolute first computer game that holds inside, an account just as a great edutainment game. It is accessible for download on steam for PC

Sumerians PC Game Download

  • Name: Sumerians
  • Starting: Release Date 1964
  • Stages: IBM 7090
  • Developer: IBM
  • Designer: Mabel Addis
  • Category: PC Games >Strategy

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Sumerians – Minimum System Requirement

  • Requires a 64-cycle processor and working framework
  • Operating system: Windows
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Designs: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770/AMD Radeon R9 270X
  • Capacity: 2 GB accessible space
  • Extra Notes: Currently coordinated designs cards are not upheld.


Is the game rigorously bound to PCs?

Indeed, it is totally bound to the Windows Operating framework and they have no plans of delivering it on some other stages.

Is the game multiplayer?

No, it is a solitary player game.

Is the game like a conflict of factions?

In numerous ways, yes it is comparative yet not totally.