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The Best PC Games to Play on Steam Deck

Valve’s Steam Deck pre-orders should begin transporting in December, giving you a lot of time to figure everything out in readiness. Obviously, it won’t be pretty much as incredible as a gaming PC or PC, so we’ve gathered together the games generally fit the gadget in its handheld structure especially ones that scale well with the gadget’s little 7-inch screen and gloat PC regulator support for the Steam Deck’s implicit controls.

We haven’t seen any benchmarks of the custom Zen 3 and RDNA 2-based APU, yet Valve says the Steam Deck ought to have the option to run most PC games at least 30fps at the screen’s local 800p goal. We’ll in any case need to keep a watch out whether it can deal with the most requesting games, for example, Cyberpunk 2077 or Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You’ll have the option to effortlessly introduce Windows onto the gadget if the underlying Linux OS isn’t as you would prefer, conceding you a lot bigger library of games. Hence, we’ve likewise incorporated a few games that will not be playable out of the crate, until you introduce a Windows OS. Regardless of whether a game can involve you for a couple of moments, or one that keeps you engaged on the longest flight, the Steam Deck seems as though it has the pixel-pushing ability to keep you engaged.

These are the best PC games to play on Steam Deck:


The famous social allowance game makes an interpretation of splendidly to the Nintendo Switch and cell phones, which means it’s now prepared for the Steam Deck. Its get and-play style will make it the ideal title to play in a hurry for a couple of moments, while the straightforward 2D illustrations will look incredible and scale well on the more modest 7-inch screen.

You’ll most likely need to match it with the best gaming headset, however, so you can examine suspects or redirect consideration away from yourself.


Persona 4 Golden is a redo of the first PS2 JRPG that at first delivered on the PS Vita in 2013, however, Sony’s handheld is quite rare since it was ended in 2019. Fans have argued for the series to come to Nintendo Switch, however with Persona 4 Golden now accessible for PC, the Steam Deck will be the best spot to play it in a hurry with basic controls and low framework necessities.

The Player has a golem skin in Minecraft. He is remaining close to a genuine golem and a lot of felines.


The Steam Deck’s APU ought to be more than capable of running Minecraft, given that the game’s now on anything from the best gaming PC to a cell phone. The Steam Deck could offer the best versatile mining experience, with its incredible x86 engineering and controls that are essentially more agreeable than your telephone’s touch screen.


Skyrim is another game that demonstrated its value in a convenient arrangement when it arrived on the Nintendo Switch, yet it ought to decipher surprisingly better onto the Steam Deck. Not exclusively can Valve’s handheld run 2016 remaster with much further developed designs, you’ll likewise have simple admittance to mods.

We don’t know precisely what the Steam Deck is pressing because of its custom nature, yet it ought to handily outperform Skyrim’s 11-year-old least prerequisites that request a GPU identical to Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 470.


Cities Skylines is outstanding amongst other city-building games, and it runs locally on SteamOS, so you’ll have the option to introduce and play it out of the container when your Steam Deck shows up. While the controls weren’t the awesome its control center ports, the Steam Deck’s two track cushions ought to be extraordinary for playing system games that generally depend intensely on a gaming mouse. Also, the 16GB of interior RAM ought to have the option to deal with even the greatest urban communities.


EA’s new remaster feels similarly as new as its unique 2010 delivery, and its arcade style makes it the ideal racer for the Steam Deck. It’s an incredible in a hurry game, as you can either play fast occasions as a road racer or cop when you have a couple of extra minutes, or a voyage around the sweeping open-world however much you might want.


Creature Crossing: New Horizons may be restrictive to the Nintendo Switch, yet Stardew Valley is an incredible option for the Steam Deck. It runs locally on SteamOS, so it’ll work without complaint. It’s a game that you can without much of a stretch sink many hours into, even before you investigate the best Stardew Valley mods – which aren’t accessible for the Switch.

Obviously, with the Steam Deck basically being a completely fledged PC underneath its default SteamOS skin, the rundown of games you can play on the gadget is almost interminable. The MicroSD stockpiling extension space implies you’ll have the option to introduce bigger games like Grand Theft Auto 5, as well, and the Steam Deck has enough ports to interface with the best gaming screen, console, and mouse so you can appropriately play serious shooters like CS: GO.

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