Xbox Game Pass Subscribers are losing five games today

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate endorsers – across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Cloud – are losing five games today. Truth be told, when you’re understanding this, they may have effectively been taken out. Consistently, Microsoft adds to the membership with plenty of new games and fresh-out-of-the-box new deliveries. To make up for this, games leave each month, with a few games commonly leaving like clockwork. Today is one of these waves.

Fortunately for supporters, nothing really remarkable is leaving. Two secret pearls of the membership administration, CrossCode, and Downwell are leaving, however nothing else to it. Procedure fans may miss Endless Space 2, yet in case you’re not an enthusiast of methodology games, the lone thing leaving that may dishearten you is CrossCode and Downwell. Why? Since the last two games are EA Sports UFC and EA Sports UFC 2. Also, these games leaving doesn’t make any difference in light of the fact that Microsoft added EA Sports UFC 3 last week.

Underneath, you can look at a trailer for each game leaving today, just as track down an authority game portrayal with more insights concerning said title.


Around: A retro-roused 2D Action RPG set in the far-off future. CrossCode joins 16-digit SNES-style illustrations with spread smooth physical science, a quick-moving battle framework, and drawing in puzzle mechanics, presented with a grasping science fiction story.


About: Downwell is an inquisitive game about a youngster wandering down a well looking for untold fortunes with just his Gunboots to secure him.

Endless Space 2

About: Endless Space 2 is a Strategic Space Opera, highlighting the convincing “only one more turn” interactivity, set in the strange Endless universe. As the head of your progress, will you force your vision and fabricate the best heavenly realm?

EA Sports UFC

About: The makers of the widely praised Fight Night establishment carry you into the up-and-coming age of battling. Step into the Octagon™ with EA SPORTS UFC and cause your adversary to feel each strike, takedown, and accommodation.

EA Sports UFC 2

About: EA SPORTS UFC 2 is the finished battling experience you have been hanging tight for. With a greater program of contenders, shocking person visuals, and a progressive new Knockout Physics System, completing the battle has never been all the more genuine and fulfilling. Regardless of whether you need to fight for the belt in a profound Career Mode or simply fight with pals in the all-new KO mode, EA SPORTS UFC 2 offers a mode for each battle fan. So venture once more into the Octagon and finish the battle!