How to Add a Calendar in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a great product to manage your time. It’s used to receive and reply to all your emails, make and organize your schedule and save your context and manage your appointments, meetings, and daily tasks. Apart from the email function itself, Outlook can schedule your meetings, appointments, tasks, to-do list, and everything else. You can set up a new appointment, and you can see your previous appointments as well. Once an email account is connected, Outlook opens up with its workplace made by several mail panels and synchronizes with the server provider to get all the read and unread emails from it.

You need to connect at least one email account with Outlook, but you can add multiple email accounts and operate your desired one.

Steps: How to Add a Calendar in Outlook

The calendars in Outlook can be viewed in the layout view. The calendars can be shared through emails and even manage other users’ calendars; you just need to explore the calendar environment. A task list is something that shows up at the bottom of your screen which is by default. Here is the guide to add a ‘Calendar Daily Task List’ in Outlook.

  • Click on the ‘Daily Task List.’
  • Click on ‘Normal,’ and at the bottom, you will see a task list shows up with all kinds of space with categories to add text.
  • If you want to change the way it looks you can again select ‘Daily Task List’ and choose ‘Minimize,’ you can certainly expand the region as much as you want to.
  • If as a sample you type in a task ‘Get out TPM Reports’ you will get to set up these options according to the requirements: Start date, due date, reminder time.
  • You can make specific changes as well such as you can categorize your text, you can maintain its confidentiality by choosing private, you can prioritize your text according to high importance and low importance, you can change the arrangement, you can remove it from the list, you can mark it complete and you can undo all of this stuff too.

If you double click on the task, it shows up as a task and from here:

  • You can make it reoccurring on any of the weekday suitable for you, save the changes made and it will show up on every selected day of your choice.
  • You can send a status report.
  • You can assign the task to someone else.

Top 20 Outlook Tips and Tricks

  • Drag and Drop to Calendar
  • AutoCorrect Shortcuts
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • AutoComplete Ctrl+K
  • Calendar work hours
  • Voting Buttons
  • Blind Carbon Copy
  • Change Reply Address
  • Clear Add-ins
  • Mailbox Cleanup
  • Change View Setting
  • Developer Tab
  • Search Folders
  • Signatures
  • Mark Junk Mail
  • Insert Calendar
  • Offline Mode
  • Insert Pictures Inline
  • Delay Delivery
  • Compact Data Files
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