How to Add a Signature in Word

How to Add a Signature in Word in Multiple Ways [With Images]

Microsoft Word is the best place for all kinds of documents i.e. from letters, to legal forms, to leases. If you want to add your signature in the end of page and you can do it easily. There are many ways to insert a signature in Word in an easy way.

You can insert your handwritten signature, digitally sign a Word document, add a signature line, or create a custom auto text signature that includes your full name, qualifications and any other essential detail you desire to add.

How to Digitally Sign a Word Document?

How to Add a Signature in Word

A digital signature guarantees the authenticity of the document. It proves that there is no alteration in your document. Adding a signature line allows you to include a visible representation of your signature. The digital signature with a signature line is only available in Word 2010, Word 2016, Word 2013, and Word for Office 365. Before signing your file with digital signature you’ve to complete the following steps:

  • Place your mouse cursor where you want to insert signature line.
  • Navigate to the Insert tab.
  • Choose Signature Line in the text group and select Microsoft Office signature line. The Signature Setup dialog box will open.
  • Write the information, you want under the signature line i.e. email, full name, address and any other important info.
  • If the signer wants to add the purpose for signing then select allow the signer to add comments in the Sign Dialog.
  • If you want to show the date when document was signed then select show sign date in signature line.
  • Right click on the signature line and choose a sign to add your signature.
  • Do write your name, how you want it to appear.

 How to Insert a Hand Written Signature?

How to Add a Signature in Word

Just buy a scanner and upload a physical picture of your signature in the document whenever you want to. Just save the picture in your device and use it in the time of need.

  • Sign your name in a blank piece of paper.
  • Scan your sign and save it in bmp, .gif, or png file form.
  • Open the word.
  • Navigate to the insert tab and select pictures.
  • Go to the signature file and select insert.
  • Choose the image and get your picture tool tab activated.
  • Select crop and cut all the extra blank space around the signature.
  • Right click on the image and select save as picture.
  • Write your name, select the space where you find to save it and click on Save.
  • Whenever you want to insert the signature in Microsoft Word quickly go to the Insert tab, select the Picture and locate the file.

How to Create an Auto Text?

How to Add a Signature in Word

You should use Word Auto Text feature to develop a signature complete with your handwritten signature and typed text, such as your occupation, email address and contact number.

How to Add a Signature Line?

How to Add a Signature in Word

Select a part of the document in the Word where you want to insert the signature line. Then navigate to the Insert tab and select the signature line.

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