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How to Approve an iPhone (iCloud) in 3 Simple Methods [With Images]

Apple is the only software company that sells its own brand of smartphones called iPhone which run a dedicated OS also created by them. iPhone sales pitch is the fact that while it may be expensive each iPhone comes with dedicated online storage space in one of Apple’s servers as well as the guarantee of data integrity and security. This makes the iPhone a better choice for people who want to keep their data safe due to business or privacy concerns.

Approving your iPhone (Apple ID)

To use an iPhone you have to get approval by registering for an Apple ID. In case, you are upgrading to a newer iPhone model you may need to register using your previous iPhone to get access to all your data and gain approval on the iPhone.

However, many people have a problem in approving their iPhone and are unable to use it. This article will help you by providing instructions on how to approve iPhone.

The Problem

iPhone uses 2-factor authentication (2FA) to approve an existing Apple ID on another device. This means that once you try to approve using an existing Apple ID or the new iPhone will send a message to your older iPhone to ensure that you are the one trying to access the ID on the new device and reduce cases of identity theft.

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Methods on Approving your iPhone

However, sometimes you may not be able to access your older phone due to some reasons and may have to use alternative methods.

iPhones with older OS version have the ability to Turn Off 2FA:

  1. When iPhone asks you to approve your iPhone tap on the Cancel button.
  2. The first step on how to approve iPhone, Go to the Settings and then tap on Your Name (Apple ID).
  3. After that select Password & Security on the new screen to access the Two Factor Authentication option.
  4. Now turn off the 2FA and now will have to reset your iCloud and iTunes account. You will receive a verification message on your email for approval.
  5. Now approve your iPhone by selecting the other option when the Approve your iPhone window appears. You will no longer have to use another device to approve your iPhone.
approve iphone icloud

In case you are using a newer OS version of iPhone you will instead have to turn off iCloud Keychain on your new iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings after canceling your iPhone approval.
  2. Now tap on Apple ID option to proceed.
  3. Now turn off iCloud Keychain by tapping on the respective option. After this, you will have to restart your phone and repeat the same steps to see whether iCloud Keychain is turned off.
  4. You will now no longer face any problem while approving your iPhone now.
how do i approve my iphone

You can also approve your iPhone by using your older iPhone device:

  1. Open Settings on your older iPhone and tap on Apple ID option.
  2. Now select the Get Verification Code option and your iPhone will generate a 6 digit code for use.
  3. Use this code on your newer iPhone to approve it without any further complications.
how to approve iphone
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