How to Change Spotify Password

Spotify is a music streaming which allows people to stream their favorite music online without having to pay for them. Spotify is a freemium service which is maintained by ad revenue collected by viewing ads which sometimes appear while streaming music. Moreover, the service also has a paid version that removes ads and also provides additional services which make the online music streaming experience much more smoother.

Problems in changing Spotify password:

Spotify requires you create your own account first which stores all your music history and preferences. This account is essential to access Spotify and needs to updated often to ensure that your data remains safe. However, many people are known to save their account settings in their devices which helps them to log in without having to use their password. This results in problems over the years as you may shift to a newer device and may not be able to access your account.

Moreover, some people may wish to change their account password even though they know the old one to ensure data security. This causes problems as many people are unable to change their Spotify password due to not knowing the proper method.

This article will help you in changing your Spotify password in case in your remember it or not.

How to Change Spotify Password [4 Simple Steps]

Follow the given steps to change Spotify password:

  1. Go to Spotify site and log in to your account.
change spotify password
  1. Once logged in, click on Profile which is located in the right corner. The menu bar will open, select the Account option.
spotify change password
  1. On the Account page, select the Change password option from the left menu bar.
how to change spotify password
  1. First type the current password which you are currently using, then type the new password which you want to use in the New password. Now click on the Set New Password button to confirm the password change.
spotify password change

How to Reset Spotify password

In case you have forgotten your old password and wish to reset:

  1. Open the given link:, enter your email or username in the Email or username section and then click on the SEND button.
spotify password reset
  1. Spotify will now send you a Reset your password email which will contain the link to reset your password.
spotify reset password
  1. Now type the New password and then retype it in Repeat new password for confirmation. After that click on Send button to save your new password.
reset password spotify
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