How To Change Your Minecraft Name [Complete Guide]

Minecraft is a sandbox environment game released in 2011 by Mojang featuring a 3D randomly generated world where a player is able to interact with a variety of different blocks to build objects based on his/her mindset. Since its first release on PC, it has grown to become a major gaming trend among younger ages and has been released on various devices with over 90 million active player community.

If you are also interested in joining this growing community or an old veteran player then there must come a time when you may need to change your username due to various reasons. These reasons may or not include keeping up with the current trend of naming, mistake in choosing your username, etc.

While this process may seem simple many users are unable to change their username due not understanding the user support system for the game and thus are stuck with their current username.

This article will help you to understand that system and provide you detailed instructions in a step by step format to change your username.

How To Change Your Minecraft Name/Username {Step-By-Step Guide}

  1. First of all, to change your username you have to use your internet browser to access the official Minecraft page at “”.
How To Change Your Minecraft Name
  1. After opening the website you have to click on the “Account” tab in the upper right corner of the homepage of the game.
How To Change Your Minecraft Name
  1. Clicking on it will prompt you to a new webpage where you can register your new Minecraft account. Since our purpose is to change our user we will instead click on the “Log in tab” displayed in the upper right corner of the new webpage.
How To Change Your Minecraft Name
  1. Clicking on this tab will further prompt you to a new webpage detailing you to enter your email and password to log in to the Mojang database. You can skip this step if you are already logged in.
How To Change Your Minecraft Name
  1. For the next step, you have to find the “Profile name” section located in middle of the page which further prompts you to the profile settings.
  2. In the Profile settings, you need to click on the change button in front of the username to move on to the next step.
How To Change Your Minecraft Name
  1. The website will now load a new page detailing the user to enter a new username for the account. A username follows a specific format where it cannot be shorter than 3 letters and limited to usage of underscore, letters and numbers. Moreover, the user has to ensure that his username is unique and no previous player owns the chosen username.
  2. The user can check for the availability of the new username by clicking on the Check availability button in front of the typed username. If available, the user must then enter his password and then proceed to confirm the username.

Note: At this point, the user should know that he can no longer change his username for next 30 days as per the game support policies. So, make sure that you choose an appropriate username before proceeding.

How To Change Your Minecraft Name

New players should know that if they had recently created their account and want to change their username then they have to wait about 30 days before they are given access by the game’s company to change their account username.

With this, you have now successfully changed your old username. Enjoy your game and I hope this article was able to help you.

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