How to Contact Seller on Amazon

How to Contact Seller on Amazon for detailed information

Online shopping has become the current craze as more and more people are shifting to online connections. With the introduction of the internet more and more people are virtually able to connect with each other. This means that the people do not have to move from their sofa but are still able to know what is going on in this world.

Internet is a reliable form of entertainment as it allows people to stream films and videos as well as download games to play on their devices. Moreover, the internet also people to browse and shop items online. The sites such as Amazon and Walmart now display their wares online which can be viewed and then bought online and be sent to your home once you complete your online payment.

Shopping Online and its Risks:

This makes shopping much easier but still unreliable due to the authenticity of the goods. Many small-scale shopping sites are known to scam their customers by selling defective products. This raises a concern about whether or not it is safe and feasible to shop online.

Amazon Shopping Site:

Amazon is a kind of a broker site that forms a connection between a selling company and the buyer by showing all wares on a single site. Even, you can also contact sellers on Amazon, this makes browsing for items much easier but sometimes it is considered important to be able to communicate with the real buyer to confirm certain specifications. This ensures that the said item is suitable for the buyer and he or she really wants to buy it.

Contacting Seller on Amazon:

Well, Amazon has a feature that allows its users to contact sellers on Amazon directly. However, many people do not know how and are unable to access this feature.

This article will help you by explaining how you can contact the seller through Amazon.

  1. The first step on how to contact seller on Amazon, open the official shopping site of Amazon to proceed to the next step.
  2. Next login to your Amazon account by clicking on the Account & Lists button on top of the screen and then click on Sign in which appears in the new sidebar.
  3. Once logged in, click on the Your Orders button to find the item for which you want to contact its seller.
  4. Click on the order to open a new window which will show the specifications of the said bought item.
  5. In the new window click on the username of the seller which is located next to the Sold by below the item description.
  6. Now click on the Ask a Question button which appears at the top of the page.
  7. Now select the item type for which you want to ask a question which is sold by the seller.
  8. Now click on the Select a Subject to open a drop-down menu which will contain different subjects you can ask the seller.
  9. Now click on the Write Message which will now appear once you select your subject from the drop-down list.
  10. It is now time to write the message which you will send to the seller for questioning. The total limit of words is 400 characters and once you are finished click on the Send email button to send your message.

It will take at least two to three working days for the seller to read the message and answer your query.

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