How To Delete Dropbox Account Permanently (Guide)

Dropbox is a cloud storage platform that millions of people use to store and share their files. It offers you two types of subscriptions i.e. paid and free. But, if you no longer want to use this service then you can delete your Dropbox account permanently whenever you want.

Steps You Need To Follow Before Deleting Your Dropbox Account: (Pictures)

Step 1: First, sign in with the account you want to delete.

How To Delete Dropbox Account

Step 2: All the files stored in your Dropbox account, download them in your computer immediately.

delete dropbox account

The syncing process will start. Wait until all the files are synced. After the syncing process is finished, you will see all the files are downloaded.

Step 3: If you are a paid member then switch your subscription from paid to free and unsubscribe yourself. Don’t worry, your files will not be lost after ending your subscription. Go to the Dropbox home page and navigate to the downgrade page.

how to close dropbox account

Step 4: Click on your profile logo in the right top corner of the screen. This will display a short menu.

delete dropbox

Step 5: Go to Dropbox settings page

how to delete dropbox

Step 6: Scroll down the page and you will see delete account link

how to cancel dropbox

Step 7: Enter your password and choose the reason for leaving. Pick an accurate reason.

how to delete dropbox from mac

Step 8: Click on “Permanently delete” and you’ll no longer be able to access your data through a website or mobile app. You’ll receive a confirmation message that if you really do want to delete your Dropbox account. They will save your files in their server for sixty days before being deleted permanently.

how to remove dropbox from mac

After Deleting Your Dropbox Account

After deleting your account, you’ll not be able to add anything new. You cannot restore or recover removed files. All the documents or files you shared with others will be erased. Every device synced with your Dropbox account will be unsynced immediately after closing your account. You will no longer have access to files in Dropbox website. You can create a new account instantly after deleting the last one but not with the same username.

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