How to Fix Enter the Password to Unlock your iPhone Backup

How to Fix “Enter the Password to Unlock your iPhone Backup”

In this growing popularity more and more smartphones are entering the market each with their own specialties. Among these smartphones, the iPhone is considered one of the most high-quality phones a person can own. iPhone is an expensive smartphone known for its highly protected systems which make it much more feasible for people who feel that the information stored in their smartphone can be stolen.

iPhone is especially known for high-quality security which makes online information stealing from your phone impossible as well as offers an alternative app store called iTunes which only contains apps that have been tested and are approved by the mobile company to use on the iPhone.

The issue in Accessing Backup

iPhone also offers an additional service of backing up your iPhone data on iTunes. It can be encrypted to ensure only you can access it. However, when trying to load this backup you will be prompted to enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup page which many people type password incorrectly.

Enter the Password to Unlock your iPhone Backup

The incorrect message appears when using a password from your Apple ID as the iTunes encrypted data backup uses another password which it asks when you are creating your backup file. This confusion leads to many people not being able to access their backup and are forced to completely wipe their iPhone in case of a reset.

Method to solve the issue

You should be careful while creating your password for your backup as many people are prone to forgetting it over a period of time. After all, who is able to remember a password he once created for his backup and never used it again for about 2 to 4 years.

This problem can be easily solved by following the different methods which are mentioned below to access your backup on iTunes which is not related to your Apple ID.

  1. The first method on how to fix enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup, think calmly and smartly. Try to remember when you created your backup and freshen your mind. This will help you to jog your memory and remember your old password.
  2. Meybe your family members or friend had set up your iPhone it is recommended to ask him or her as they might have created your password in case you do not remember it.
  3. If this does not solve your problem then an alternative but risky method would be to use software which will try a various number of passwords to try to unlock your backup. It is not recommended to you this method as it creates various complications.
Important Advice: In the end, it is advised that the next time you create another backup be sure to write it down or use your Apple ID password as default to reduce problems. iPhone company says that in order to ensure data integrity once you forget the backup password you can no longer access it. Be sure to remember that advanced security of the iPhone comes with certain liabilities as well.

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