How To Change Wifi Password On MyFiosGateway [Guide]


FIOS is a term for Verizon’s fiber-optic network. It stands for Fiber Optic Service and in Irish FIOS means ‘Knowledge’.

Fiber Optic system

Fiber optic system is the transmission of signals through tiny fiber-like strands of glass or plastic. These fiber optic cables have knowledge transmission and download at a quicker rate and with fewer signal noises as they’re less at risk of magnetic attraction interference.
They are created by taking glass or plastic and processing it through a machine so that it becomes an extended strand that’s slightly thicker than that of a person’s hair.

It’s through this that light-weight is transmitted in pulses, just like how electricity is transferred in pulses down copper wires.

This can be then wrapped in protection so that light-weight reflects back and forth among the glass strand and continues to maneuver forward rather than refracting out of the core and being lost.

There’s a transmitter at one end that guides the signals down the cable from the receiver bouncing around and moving forward among the cable and a receiver at the opposite end which is converting  them back into data. FIOS is far quicker, more cost-effective and is reliable.

Step-By-Step Guide to Change Wifi Password On MyFiosGateway

  • Open up the ‘Browser.’
  • In the address bar type in ‘’
  • Enter the default username ‘Admin’ and the default password ‘Password.’
  • Click on ‘Wireless Settings’ to change the name of your wireless network.
  • Click on ‘Basic Security Settings,’ mark other settings to ‘Default’ and fill out the configuration with the name you want to broadcast for your wireless network.
  • On the next screen, the router will inform you that it is going to reboot and not be available for 30 seconds. Whenever the router comes back online, it will be broadcasting the new name, so you have to select any wireless settings and tell your device to connect to the new name before you are able to access the internet or get back into the settings of the router.
  • To change the password of your wireless network click on ‘Advanced Security Settings.’
  • Out of all the options available ‘WPE2’ is the most secure option.
  • The next screen gives you two options:
  • The ‘Default Generator Password’ which is hard to remember.
  • Create your own password on myfiosgateway.
  • Just type in your desired password.
  • Click on ‘Apply.’
  • The router will again ask for your permission to reboot and similarly when you changed the name you will have to tell your device to change the new password.

Finally, your myfiosgateway password has been changed.


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