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How to Add Strikethrough and Superscript on Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most famous tool which is used to make different kinds of brochures, cards and templates. Google Docs is used for its many important features like Strikethrough, Subscript, and Superscript text. Strikethrough style draws a line through the middle of the selected text. Strikethrough formatting option is very useful if you find out you have a part of the document that you are not very sure of. No need to delete the information because you might want it later so you just cross out that specific part using Strikethrough. The words remain readable though. It allows you to express your thoughts without directly saying it.

When people used typewriters and could not erase the mistakes, the only option left for them was to mark it by using Strikethrough google docs feature. Later it implemented as a feature to all the typing tools. Most of the word processing apps i.e. Microsoft Word, WordPad, Google Docs can apply Strikethrough formatting.

In Google docs, the sharing of documents is very easy than Microsoft Word. If you are new in Google docs and do not know about these things then this article will be very helpful to you. It’s present in the toolbar but people do not look there and will try to find it in every other menu they can. Follow the below-mentioned steps about how to add strikethrough in Google docs to your selected text.

STEP 1: Open the Google docs and select that desired text you want to add Strikethrough formatting and if you want to select your whole document then click on any part of the page and press Ctrl+A.

strikethrough google docs

Step 2: Click on the Format tab appeared on the top of the page header.

how to strikethrough on google docs

Result: After clicking the “Strikethrough” option you will see the selected text in the cross out form.

subscript google docs

If you want to undo this, then you have to follow the same steps too.

There is also another way to add strikethrough in Google docs for Windows and Mac.

For PC: Select the text you want to apply strikethrough to and press these buttons on the keyboard Alt+shift+5.

For Mac: press ⌘+Shift+ X.

Just memorize these keyboard shortcuts.

How To Add SuperScript Text On Google Docs?

If you want to place the alphabets higher than the baseline, use the superscript style. Super scripts are mostly used in mathematical expressions and formulas.

STEP 1: Open the document by signing in with google docs.

STEP 2: Select the part of the text you want to apply superscript text.

superscript in google docs
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