Internet Speed Test Ubuntu

Internet Speed Test Ubuntu

If you’re interested in finding out how fast your internet connection is, there are several tools to help you do so. Here are some of them: YouTube-dl, LibreTest, and Ookla. The first one gives you basic information about your connection, including download and upload speeds. You can also see your ping speed.


LibreTest is an open-source internet speed test Ubuntu. It does not use Flash, Java, or Websocket. It can be run from the command line, or through a browser. It can also be used as a server service using curl. Once you have downloaded the test, you can share the results with other users.

Speedtest-cli uses Python to check your connection speed. It can test your connection from a PC or remote server, or even from an IoT device. It also has the option of saving your results in CSV or JSON. It requires Python 3.6 or higher. It can be installed using the APT package manager.


Youtube-dl is an application for downloading videos from YouTube. It allows you to choose which videos you want to download and in what quality. You can also download a specific video or a playlist. To download videos in the highest quality, select the “3gp” format. For a lower quality download, select “low” quality.

You can use Youtube-dl on almost every Linux distribution. It is a command line application for downloading videos from YouTube and other sites. Using it is as easy as running the curl command or the wget command. The wget command is compatible with most major Linux distributions, including Manjaro, ArchLinux, and Ubuntu. Using this application will allow you to download videos and playlists quickly and easily.

To run the Youtube-dl application, you must have a directory in your PATH environment variable. Fortunately, YouTube-dl is available as a packaged binary for most Linux distributions. Using apt or sudo, you can install it on Ubuntu or Debian. Alternatively, you can use git to install the application.

YouTube-dl works with the Tartube application, which uses FFmpeg for video-processing tasks. The program also uses AVConv for certain tasks. Users of Tartube must make sure they have FFmpeg installed on their systems before installing the Youtube-dl application.

When attempting to download YouTube videos, you must have a sufficient connection speed. This means that you need to have an internet connection of at least 500 kbps. YouTube has previously recommended lower resolutions for users of 56 kbps dial-up connections, although the site now acknowledges that these resolutions may take longer.


Ookla has released a new speed test for Ubuntu that is based on the popular Speedtest CLI tool. This tool lets you run your speed test right from the terminal, without having to open a browser. If you use a Debian base distribution, you can install this tool using one of two methods.

There are a couple of disadvantages to using the web-based test, including the fact that it cannot be scheduled as a cron job, and that it can’t be run on headless servers. For these reasons, we recommend downloading a command-line tool, called speedtest-cli. It’s written in the Python programming language and measures internet speed bidirectionally. It also provides information on distance (in kilometers), and lets you test against specific servers.

Ookla Speed Test

You can run an Ookla speed test on your Ubuntu computer from a terminal. There are several ways to do this. First, you can use the -s option to specify a server ID. You can also specify an output format. You can choose to display the speed results in a variety of formats, including csv and json.

Ookla Speed Test is a web-based tool that measures internet connection speed. It also measures latency, packet loss, and other characteristics. It is an excellent resource for people looking to check their network speed. You can use it to compare your connection speed with other users. Ookla Speed Test is popular and easy to use.

Netspeed Indicator

Netspeed Indicator is a free-ware application for Linux systems that displays network speed in the Unity panel. It shows total current network traffic as well as download and upload speeds. You can adjust its display mode using the Dconf Editor, but you must install the appropriate package first. It will take about 33.8 kB of additional disk space.

Once installed, you can use it from the Software Center. The application will start automatically during the next login. You can also choose to start it from the app launcher. Ubuntu users should be aware that SPEEDX does not play videos and cannot play audio files. This is an unfortunate limitation. However, it is a useful tool for those who use the Internet on a regular basis.

Once installed, Netspeed will monitor the selected network interface or the entire network. It will display both the download and upload bandwidth in a separate drop-down. It will also display a label size for each. The software uses a 1000-ms interval to monitor your network speeds. This can be useful when your internet connection is slow.

The Ubuntu Netspeed Indicator is an extension for the Gnome desktop that displays your network speed. It is similar to the Firefox add-on of the same name. The extension will also display the current internet activity. Using this extension is very similar to using network monitors in other operating systems.

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