Orange Head Astd {December 2021} How to Acquire the Orange Head Astd?

We have talked about the six-star character Orange Head Astd and its seven distinctive update levels in this post.

Might it be said that you are an ASTD aficionado? Do you play All Star Tower Defense? Do you are familiar with the person Orange Head in ASTD? Might you want to know more? Provided that this is true, tune into the post.

Orange Head is an exceptionally renowned person in All Star Tower Defense and ASTD fans around the world, particularly in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Thus, in this post, we will talk about Orange Head Astd.

Who is Orange Head?

Orange Head is a notable six-star character in All star Tower Defense. The person depends on Gildarts Clive, otherwise called Girudtsu Kuraivu. Clive is known for being an individual from the S-Class Mages in the Fairy Tail Guild. Clive was additionally a notable Mage and furthermore Ace. He was additionally the Fifth Guild Master.

Orange Head is the fourth Fairy Tail character to be added to the activity experience game. The other three characters are Tatsu (initial one to be added), Shirtless Devil (second one to be added), and Lightning bolt (the third one to be added).

Orange Head Astd is likewise the main third Fairy Tale character who is evaluated 6 Star to be presented in the game. The first was Ice Devil Slayer, who can be procured by advancing the shirtless Magician, and the subsequent one was Laxus Dreyar, the well known six-star character who can be gained by turning wheel.

There are numerous theories in regards to Orange Head’s name. One is that his name is connected with reading Head, the five-star AoE and ground type unit enlivened by knifes. He is contrasted with Red Head in light of the fact that there are numerous similitudes between them.

How to Acquire the Orange Head Astd?

There are just two strategies to get Orange Head. The principal way is by opening the Christmas Box II, which is a 4-star ground kind occasion unit acquired through the Hero Summon during the All Star Tower Defense’s Christmas Event in December 2021. The subsequent way is to get it from exchanging.

Rundown of Upgrades Levels of the Orange Head:

Orange Head has 7 redesign levels. He has an arrangement cost of 555 ASTD Cash. The underlying harm level of Orange Head is at 1000 and the reach players will get is 27.5. Allow us to investigate the update levels of Orange Head Astd:

  • Redesign 1 – 650 ASTD Cash: Damage – 1750 and Range – 27.5.
  • Redesign 2 – 1000 ASTD Cash: Damage – 2750 and Range – 32.5.
  • Redesign 3 – 1500 ASTD Cash: Damage – 4100 and Range – 32.5.
  • Redesign 4 – 2000 ASTD Cash: Damage – 5600 and Range – 32.5.
  • Redesign 5 – 15000 ASTD Cash: Damage – 16850 and Range – 37.5.
  • Redesign 6 – 100000 ASTD Cash: Damage – 91850 and Range – 47.5.
  • Redesign 7 – 800000 ASTD Cash: Damage – 691850 and Range – 47.5.


However Orange Head is an exceptionally well known person in ASTD, it is difficult to acquire it in any case. Yet, in the wake of procuring the person, we are certain players will cherish it. Visit Orange Head Wiki to know more.

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