Torva Platebody Osrs (January 2022) Find the Reward Stats of the Torva Platebody!

In this post, we have examined the best platebody in Old School RuneScape Torva Platebody Osrs and its rewards.

Could it be said that you love the pretending game Old School RuneScape? Might it be said that you are searching for new armours for OSRS? Would you like to be familiar with the Torva platebody? In the event that indeed, tune into the post.

OSRS fans around the world, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, are searching for more data on the Torva platebody part found inside the Torva Armor. Thus, in this post, we will discuss the Torva Platebody Osrs.

What is Torva Armor?

Torva shield is a kind of protective layer that requires Strength and Defense levels of 80 to obtain. It supplanted Virtus robes as a gift as one of Nex’s honors. In any case, the Old School Team has shown interest in bringing the robes back as a little something extra for a different kind of content in the long haul.

The protective layer parts are dropped as harmed things that should be retouched with Bandosian to further develop accessibility by imploding Bandos chest plates and tassets in a fire under the Ancient Prison of the God Wars Dungeon. At the point when corrupted, the defensive layer can keep going for 15 hours.

What is Torva Platebody Osrs?

The Torva platebody is a part of the popular Torva protection set in ORSR. It requires 80 Defense to procure. The platebody has the biggest strength support among all body space things, 2 a greater number of than the Inquisitor’s hauberk, Bandos chestplate, and Fighter Torso consolidated. Torva reinforcement is a Zarosian arrangement hardware that gives Zarosian security inside God Wars Dungeon.

A compromised Torva platebody got as a drop from Nex is joined with two other Bandosian parts to shape the platebody. This cycle requires Smithing at level 90, and it isn’t reversible. Additionally, 2250 XP focuses are needed for Smithing.

The Torva Platebody Osrs was added on sixteenth December 2021 however was not open to the player. On fifth January, the platebody became open in the multiplayer game OSRS.

Reward Stats of the Torva Platebody

OSRS Attack Bonuses

  • Cut Weapon: 0
  • Slice: 0
  • Pulverize : 0
  • Sorcery: – 31
  • Gone: – 11

OSRS Defense Bonuses

  • Cut Weapon: +156
  • Slice: +140
  • Pulverize : +120
  • Sorcery: +10
  • Gone: +160
  • Other OSRS Bonuses
  • Strength: +4
  • Gone Strength: 0
  • Sorcery Ranged: 0%
  • Supplication: +1

Cost of the Torva Platebody

The absolute expense of Torva Platebody is 62, 442, 623 OSRS coins. Furthermore, the material expense of making it 210, 000 for one harmed Torva Platebody Osrs and 210, 000 for two Bandosian parts.

What are the Other Parts of the Torva Armor?

The other two parts of the Torva Armor are the Torva full steerage and the Torva plateleg.

The Torva complete steerage has the greatest power reward among all caps. A broken Torva full rudder is joined with 1 Bandosian part to make the protective cap.

The Torva platelegs give the greatest lift to the capacity of any remaining leg space things. Broken Torva platelegs are related with 2 Bandosian parts to make the platelegs.


The strong Platebody in OSRS Torva Platebody is presently realistic to the players. Simply hang tight for the following Nex drop for a shot at getting it. Visit OSRS Wiki for additional.

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