What is CTF Loader ‘ctfmon.exe’ and How to Disable it? [With Images]

CTF loader is a newly added process on Windows which is used by Microsoft apps to take input from alternate devices. This means that you can now use your microphone to write text on Microsoft Word through this process. However many people face problems in typing as sometimes this process causes complications and is known to randomly input words due to speaking in the microphone even though you do not wish to do so.

CTF Loader: What is it? Video

Disabling CTF Loader: Reasons

Uninstalling this process is not advised as this process is an integral part of Windows 10 systems which can cause the OS to crash and cause further complications down the way. This is why Windows 10 has a restriction that normally does not allow the removal of this process.

This process is sometimes known to use a lot of RAM slowing down computer systems. Another problem is that certain malware is known to target this process which causes various issues as the process begins crashes and PC slow down.

This article will help you by providing instructions through which you can safely disable CTF Loader on your respective Windows 10.

  1. First of all, open the Run application by using the shortcut Windows+R.
what is ctf loader
  1. Type services.msc in the window and then click on the OK button.
  1. A new window will now open list different services working on Windows 10. Now find Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service and double click on it to proceed.
how to disable ctf loader
  1. A sidebar will appear. Change the setting of Startup Type to Disabled and then press the OK which is located below.
disabling ctf loader
  1. After clicking on OK, your process will be disabled.

Be sure to know that disabling the process can cause various problems when using software that uses this process and it is therefore advised to use an alternative to stop the problem being caused by this process.

Hopefully, the information we have just shared in this article can help you understand what a CTF is. Although this background program does not harm computers or databases. But to ensure stable operation, users should disable by one of the ways above. Wishing you successful implementation offline.

It is not a virus that harms computers and data. However, most users do not use that feature. Having more processes always running in the background also takes up part of your computer memory, making other applications work slower. Therefore, you can apply one of the following ways to disable quickly and effectively.

Important Note

A better way to remove any crash caused by the process would be to use antivirus software which will see whether any malware is causing the process to malfunction. This will help in removing the problem from the root cause and then you can easily repair the CTF Loader process by using the Repair option of Windows 10.

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