What are Vulkan Runtime Libraries and How to Uninstall it

Vulkan Runtime Libraries is one of those software which is sometimes automatically installed on your PC and many people have a problem in finding out whether this application is safe to use or should be removed. This article will help you explaining how Vulkan Runtime Libraries is automatically installed on your computer and why it should or should not be removed.

What is VulkanRT

Vulkan Runtime Libraries is a graphic card addon which helps in reducing CPU/GPU usage while increasing graphic quality. It is especially useful for newer high spec games as it helps in making them run at a consistent rate.

VulkanRT is installed automatically when the system updates its drivers. This addon is only related to the AMD, Nvidia or Intel graphic cards and helps them in running much more smoothly. It is advised to not remove them as they carry no threat and only work as a helping service. They are also essential for playing games but the VulkanRT can be easily removed in case you do not want them.

Removing Vulkan Runtime Libraries:

  1. To uninstall Vulkan Runtime Libraries from your computer open the Start menu and select the Control Panel.
vulkan runtime libraries should i remove it
  1. A new window will open containing options related to Control Panel. Select the Programs and Features option by clicking on it.
what is vulkan runtime libraries
  1. A new window will now open which will list all installed applications on your computer. Find and select the Vulkan Runtime Libraries From the list.
vulkan runtime libraries
  1. Right-click on it, the Uninstall option will appear press it to uninstall.
vulkan run time libraries

Your PC will now uninstall VulkanRT from your computer without any issues.

Note: Be sure to remember that the application may reinstall itself on a newer update. This may come as a surprise and may make you fear a threat of virus in case you find it again in the future.
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