Razer Blade Pro 14

Razer Blade Pro 14 Review (2021)

The Razer Blade Pro 14 with AMD CPU (2021 rendition), has been the most expected minimal gaming PC for quite a while – striking just like the principal progress to AMD processors in the whole Razer line. The Razer Blade 14 comes in three unique alternatives, however, today we will audit the most profoundly specced form, which packs an RTX 3080 GPU, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU, 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD.

As ever we suggest you have a fast sweep of our aid on what to think about when purchasing a gaming PC, regardless of whether you’re a general rookie or something else – it’s in every case great to invigorate your memory prior to making a major buy to guarantee you settle on the best decision!

Razer workstations mean to offer premium quality at an exceptional cost, and this one retails for just shy of $2,800. So we should make a plunge and check whether this 14″ monster merits your well deserved cash.

Details And Upgradability

  • Touchscreen?
  • No
  • Webcam
  • 720p Infra Red
  • Weight
  • 6.06 lbs/2.75 kg
  • Measurements (H x D x W)
  • 0.78 in x 10.24 in x 15.55 in/19.9 mm x 260 mm x 395 mm
  • Ports
  • 1x UHS-III SD card peruser, 1x Thunderbolt 3, 2x USB-C 3.2 Type-C, 3x USB 3.2 Type-A, 1x HDMI 2.1, 1x RJ45 2.5GB


  • RTX 3080 is the most impressive PC GPU
  • Astounding 360Hz invigorate rate
  • Extraordinary shading replication for a gaming PC
  • 32GB RAM
  • 17″ screen
  • Slender
  • Great form quality
  • Great cluster of ports and attachments
  • Sleek held stylish


  • PC RTX 3080 is generously less incredible than the work area variant
  • TGP of RTX 3080 is beneath that of contending workstations
  • Costly
  • Dull console
  • Battery life could be longer
  • Runs warm
  • Preferably would have had an all the more impressive CPU
  • Fairly weighty

Guarantee And Software

The PC accompanies your standard one-year restricted maker guarantee, however be encouraged in the event that you free it up to redesign the SSD anytime this will become void. You can likewise pay an extra $249.99 for the RazerCare Essential guarantee, which goes on for a very long time and has 24 hour specialized help yet doesn’t cover unintentional harm, or the RazerCare Elite guarantee, which has inadvertent harm inclusion.

Programming savvy you can download Razer Cortex, from which you can without much of a stretch ‘help’ the framework execution for explicit games or overall to get the most force out of your machine when required.

Razer Blade Pro 14

Razer Synapse is one more free bit of programming that accompanies the machine which you can use to change the fan speed and force use/execution levels depending on the situation when gaming or when utilizing the PC all the more for the most part and you need to augment battery life. The most noteworthy GPU setting supports the GPU center speed by 100MHz and the GPU Memory clock by 400MHz. You can likewise utilize Razer Synapse to arrangement RGB profiles for the console and some other associated Razer RGB peripherals and to make your own custom macros for associated Razer items that have that usefulness.

The product is all moderately very much planned and simple to explore, and dissimilar to in past cycles, we didn’t encounter a periodic slamming of the product – so either Razer have at long last fixed this issue or we just lucked out!

Plan Esthetics

The Razer Blade Pro 14 AMD 2021 series has all the typical plan signs of a Razer PC and has the vibe of a quality item.

The exemplary dull brushed aluminum looks and feels extraordinary. However the surface gets smircesh and fingerprints decently effectively, it is additionally simple to wipe these off.

Razer Blade Pro 14

The bezels around the screen are overall quite flimsy, significant on a PC with a more modest screen like this, and give an additional polish to the presentation.

The somewhat quelled feel of the Razer Blade gaming PCs means they’d fit easily into an office setting. The enormous green Razer logo on the cover is the main genuine ‘gaming’ highlight and has variable lighting which can be adjusted inside Razer Synapse, including ‘inhale’ (however it will consistently stay green). Little subtleties, for example, the green inside the USB attachments truly add to the tasteful allure.

Size, Build Quality And Ergonomics

One of the key selling points of any 14″ PC is transportability and in such a manner, you will not track down a preferred very good quality gaming PC over the Razer Blade Pro 14.

Razer Blade Pro 14

This makes it remarkably more modest than the closest contending 14-inch gaming PC, the ASUS Zephyrus G14. While at a load of 3.92 lbs/1.78 kg it’s heavier than Zephyrus G14, on the off chance that you add the weight more modest estimated power connector of the Razer Blade 14, the two come out with regards to something very similar. One needs to consider that the Razer Blade Pro 14 accompanies an altogether more remarkable GPU and CPU than any contending PC of this size, and it’s genuinely wondering what Razer has figured out how to achieve here according to a designing viewpoint.

By and large, the aluminum PC feels like it’s been assembled well, the pivot joint on the top feels somewhat solid and the overall surface region, including the console and trackpad, don’t have the feeble quality you get for certain brands. The one analysis I would put towards the ergonomics of this PC is the sharp corners on the discouraged region underneath the trackpad – this is a common issue I have with all Razer Blades and can be a bit awkward after long use on the off chance that you more than once get your hands on it.

Console and Trackpad

The console of the Razer Blade Pro 14 is fine however could be better. As a film console, you will not get a similar composing experience as you would on a mechanical or mechanical-like console clearly, yet we feel the nature of the composing experience didn’t coordinate to that of other gaming PCs with layer consoles. The console is underneath the quality you’d find on less expensive bigger PCs, for example, the Acer Predator Triton 500, or ones from viewing for 14″ workstations like the ASUS Zephyrus – the keypresses feeling shallow and a touch lethargic by examination.

Razer Blade Pro 14

Already I’ve discovered issue with the somewhat little size of the keys and console on the bigger Razer Blades, yet this isn’t actually something you can gripe about much on a 14″ PC. Development of the size speakers to an elective position may permit more horizontal space for the console, at the end of the day there aren’t some other contending 14 inch gaming PCs out there that offer greater sheets, so the Blade doesn’t fall behind around here.

The Razer Blade Pro 14 trackpad is of the across the board clickpad plan without discrete individual buttons. It feels tough and all around constructed, and is of a decent size, especially thinking about the little size of the PC all in all. The cushion is all around put midway on the PC, however, the previously mentioned sharp corners on the body of the Blade underneath it does catch on one’s hands a little. The following of your finger while moving the cursor is smooth and responsive, and, however, a bit firm when discouraged, clicking feels responsive and fulfilling – contrasting well with the MacBook Pros.

Webcam and Inbuilt Microphone

The 720p webcam is of ordinary picture quality, however, it accompanies InfraRed innovation that can be utilized along with Windows Hello. The camera is fortunately positioned on the top bezel of the screen, as opposed to the disturbing under the jaw point you get on certain PCs. The inbuilt mic is likewise about normal – we would have gotten a kick out of the chance to have seen it better than this at the cost, in any case, it does essentially figure out how to avoid the fan commotion from the PC genuinely well.

Ports, Sockets And Other Features

Thinking about its reduced size, you get a lot of USB ports on the Razer Blade Pro including two USB 3.2 sort A ports and two USB 3.2 sort C – the last of which additionally both deal DisplayPort 1.4 help and can be utilized as charging ports for the PC (however the GPU yield drops essentially whenever controlled exclusively thusly). As this is an AMD PC you, tragically, don’t get the Thunderbolt support presented by the Razer Blade Pro 17 for instance. Other than this, there is the standard HDMI 2.1, 3.5mm sound jack, and a Kensington Lock space. As is regular gaming workstations this size, you don’t get an ethernet port, nor do you get an SD card peruser.


One of the huge selling points of Razer Blade workstations is the presentations – which will in general be among the most delightful gaming PCs as far as the way the differentiation and shadings pop.

As the name recommends the Razer Blade Pro 14 accompanies a 14 inch screen which has a 1440p IPS show. Here at WePC we are for the most part of the assessment that 1440p is of sketchy utility for gaming purposes until you hit a screen size of around 17 inches, unquestionably at 14″ 1080p gives you all the picture refinement you need. The drop in FPS that accompanies messing around at 1440p makes it not actually great except if you will see the value in the expanded goal outwardly, which we don’t think 14″ showcases permit you to do.

Razer Blade Pro 14

So is there any point in getting a 1440p gaming PC of this size? Well in case you’re keen on utilizing it for some visual altering, shading evaluating, visual depiction or other workstation assignments then the additional goal can prove to be useful. Other than this, basically observing any television program/film above 1080p is a superior encounter on this machine. One can generally turn down the goal settings in game to 1080p to get those unrivaled FPS and afterward partake in the advantages of 1440p in other general use. At last the nearest 14″ contenders to the Razer Blade Pro 14 are additionally 1440p, so in case you’re set on a versatile gaming PC of this size you don’t actually have some other choice.

The greatest invigorate pace of the Razer Blade 14 is 165Hz, which means the greatest successful 165 FPS in-game – all that anyone could need for the reasons for most gamers who need to play either single player titles or quick moving shooters (by contrast the PS5 and Xbox Series X are covered at a limit of 120Hz showcase yield). Nonetheless, genuinely cutthroat gamers playing first individual shooters will most likely need to consider bigger size PCs with higher revive rate shows. This additionally applies to the reaction season of the Razer Blade 14 – at around 9ms dark to-dim this is over the 6ms required for consistent advances that non-relaxed players of jerk shooters might want, yet at the same time the Razer Blade 14 has the quickest reaction season of any 14 inch PC available. For specialized reasons we will not go into – it’s only simpler to get lower ms on greater showcases, so, inside its own market, the Razer Blade Pro 14 can’t be bested on this.

Razer Blade 14 Color Gamut

Razer claims that the shading array of this showcase covers 100% of the sRGB space. As you can see represented in the above picture, and in the one underneath enumerating the aftereffects of our profiling test beneath, we recorded a range inclusion of 99.8% of the sRGB range which likens to a range volume of 142.3% of the sRGB space – which is adequately 100%. This implies the showcase could be utilized for sRGB colorwork close by its capacity as a gaming PC.

Adobe RGB inclusion was generously beneath 100%, however, 85.0% is still useful for a gaming PC, if not exactly adequate for proficient work in this shading space. DCI P3 results were far superior, and at 96.7% you could in any case utilize the Razer Blade Pro for work in this space.

Razer Blade Pro 14 AMD adjustment and profiling

Razer claims that the presentations on the Razer Blade 14 are “exclusively aligned for quality and genuine nature precision” (however we adjusted it again in any case). Preceding alignment, the shading precision out of the container showed a normal delta of 2.81, which is simply over the 2.5 limits of what we’d consider being a good degree of fluctuation. The white point was acceptable at 7117K, dark profundity additionally great at 0.1111 disc/m², and contrast proportion probably as great as you’d sensibly anticipate from an IPS board at 996.9:1.

Razer Blade Pro 14

In the wake of testing it out of the container, we aligned the presentation utilizing Display CAL. After adjustment, the outcomes were to some degree improved, however not generously. The white point descended a bit to 7029K and dark profundity to 0.1069 disc/m². The difference worked on a little, the proportion going up to 1044.2:1. The normal delta was the greatest recipient, coming to 2.25, making it reasonable for shading precise work in the sRGB space, while not being the most exact available.

With everything taken into account – while you will improve brings about terms of shading precision on the off chance that you align the presentation as we did – clients should track down the out-of-the-case settings totally sufficient in any event, for some light altering, certainly for gaming purposes.

Razer Blade 14 Panel Uniformity

For all workstations, we audit we do a board consistency test after their adjustment which tests for both luminance and shading exactness. We start on the centremost point as a kind of perspective and afterward test the wide range of various areas of the screen (25 altogether) to perceive how they look at.

For the most part, any normal shading variety under 1.00 is acceptable and appears as green in the picture beneath, however, the normal purchaser will not have the option to tell a lot of contrast underneath 3.00. Visual editors who work with shading anyway may have a quicker eye.

As you can find in the picture over most of the board showed satisfactory great consistency, with the right-hand side and lower part of the presentation showing the most exceedingly terrible outcomes. Usually, at least one edges of the screen show some variety. The segment that showed the best deviation was the center sheet on the right, with a normal shading variety of 2.62 – verging on perceptible even to the undeveloped yet at the same time inside OK cutoff points. In general, however, you’d conceivably notice a distinction in the showcase consistency in case you were doing shading evaluating or other shading related work processes, the screen would presumably still get the job done. For gamers, this board consistency is absolutely fine, however, remember that outcomes can shift between every individual PC.


We polished off our shading precision testing by running a luminance test. On this specific PC, we have a pinnacle brilliance of 365.00 album/m² and at least 17.59 compact disc/m² which is genuine with regards to the cases made by Razer and a decent scope of splendor – the most splendid setting specifically intrigued. For daytime seeing, we generally prescribe coordinating with the brilliance to 120 disc/m² which compares to a splendor setting of 40% under the splendor controls for this PC.


The side-put speakers on the Razer Blade 14 have good volume, however not a big deal. Maybe obviously for a little PC, they don’t exactly coordinate to the amazing volume on the Razer Blade Pro 17.

The sound quality on the Razer Blade Pro 14 speakers is mediocre – sounding genuinely rich and climatic in certain situations yet skirting on the metallic in others, contingent upon the frequencies of the source sound. The higher high pitch frequencies were duplicated to an acceptable quality, yet any kind of bass was essentially non-existent. Despite the fact that to our ears the speakers sounded less metallic than going before Razer Blade contributions and showed a slight improvement in quality, they were still genuinely weedy. Increasing the volume as far as possible likewise prompted a decrease in quality. Eventually, the speakers are as yet better than expected for a gaming PC, yet generously underneath that of the Macbook – we’d suggest going with earphones sooner rather than later, regardless of whether it be in gaming or watching films.

Luckily, earphone support for the Razer Blade Pro 14 is acceptable. Purchasing the PC gives you a free download of Razer THX Spatial Audio, a product that takes the sound yield and puts it through a virtual gadget it sets up called ‘Speakers (THX Spatial)’ which makes an imitated encompass audio effect – incredible for further developing drenching in games and television/films. Utilizing this virtual gadget you can likewise change the levels as on an equalizer and add different sound impacts.

Battery Life

In any event, pressing a lower TGP RTX 3080, the Razer Blade Pro 14 actually has an amazing exhibit of incredible, and consequently eager for power parts for a PC this size. The more energy-productive AMD CPU helps support the battery life above what an Intel CPU could oversee, yet you’ll in any case be fortunate to get 7 hours overall use even with battery saver on. Exchanging the showcase revive rate down to 60Hz from the local 165Hz inside the Razer Central programming can receive you another 40mins of battery life or somewhere in the vicinity in return, notwithstanding.

One, at last, must be practical with what battery life you can expect of a gaming PC of this size and force, given the more modest battery size. Albeit the contending ASUS Zephyrus G14 will go on around 2 hours longer under similar conditions, the Nvidia RTX 3060 that this machine accompanies is remarkably less amazing.

As with practically every gaming PC, in any event, playing non-requesting technique titles will flush the battery on this Razer Blade – it will not oversee in excess of several hours of recess without being connected, however, this might be adequate for some train venture gaming or something like that.

Execution, Noise And Temperature

In everyday use, regardless of whether it be perusing the web, watching YouTube recordings, or performing word preparing errands, fan clamor is genuinely tranquil and you can physically change the fan speed lower inside Razer’s Synapse application. You will not need to stress over irritating close by partners or individual suburbanites with an uproarious humming.

When gaming, as you’d expect, the fans kick out fundamentally higher decibels, however not however much many contending workstations with less incredible GPUs and CPUs do in our tests: not tranquil, but rather as calm as you’re probably going to get working with this force in a PC.

Warmth astute the outer layer of the PC, including console and trackpad, get discernibly warm, in any event, during undemanding, non-gaming undertakings. This is apparently the unavoidable value you should pay for a PC this slender containing these parts with somewhat calm fans. In the event that you have hands that are inclined to perspiring, or will utilize the PC in a warm climate, you might track down this a bit obnoxious.

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