SteelSeries Rival 3



  • Lightweight (with one battery)
  • Simple to utilize programming
  • Bluetooth alternative
  • Strong sensor


  • Truly hardened side catches
  • Bluetooth overlooks most capacities

The SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless gaming mouse is a reasonable, section level mouse. It’s tough and smooth, totally remote, and has two distinct alternatives for availability (which we’ll get into in one minute). However, these apparently superb highlights are organized by certain provisos to its basics that drive it a little down the scoreboard.

SteelSeries Rival 3

One of the greatest selling focuses for this mouse, which adds to its miniscule weight, is that it is intended to be absolutely remote. Indeed you can’t connect a USB link to charge as it runs on AAA batteries. It very well may be fueled by either two AAA batteries, or one alone. Pressing one in there clearly eliminates some weight, yet will a large portion of the battery life, so you’ll need to weigh up the alternatives for yourself. Utilizing a solitary battery doesn’t influence real execution at any rate, except if that extra .6oz makes pointing outlandish for you.

Not transportation with a battery-powered battery makes it less expensive to make, thus has scaled down the cost of procurement. The drawback being you’ll need to keep loaded up on batteries, I presume. At that point there’s the year-long battery life guarantee from SteelSeries, which will rely totally upon which batteries you use—it accompanies some included yet somebody in the workplace lost them. In any case, the decision to drop the capacity to charge altogether doesn’t appear to add a lot to the item.

With regards to following the battery use, there’s another obstacle. In the SteelSeries 3 Engine, which I in any case have no grumbles with, it just shows a three-bar battery marker for every item not the most precise perusing ever. All things considered, the Duracell ultra batteries I flew in longer than seven days prior haven’t indicated a drop in that time; that is in the wake of utilizing it throughout the day consistently for work, and the odd night gaming meeting. This is with the rest clock set to 1.5 mins, High-Efficiency Mode off, and Illumination Smart Mode on. I was a little incredulous about the year long battery life asserts yet dislike I’ve had a year to test it, so I can’t say without a doubt.

The product, other than the abnormal battery perusing, is really clever: the highlights appear to be interminable, with settings that administer all that you could need to fiddle with. You have space to set a lot of custom setups, speedy activities for each catch (which are all programmable), and an inside and out large scale supervisor. Increasing speed and deceleration are imagined with a sine wave, and there are possibilities for point snapping exactness, just as a lot of battery saving choices. The CPI setting covers at 18,000, with flexible pre-set levels which can be pushed through, and the maximum surveying rate is 1,000Hz.

Every one of those alternatives, finished off with the exact TrueMove Air sensor, amount to a smooth, responsive gaming experience. I will in general go after something like 900 CPI like a scour, yet for somebody more gifted than I, this mouse can convey regarding precision. Furthermore, it works around your own inclinations.

Tragically however, the full abundance of customisation alternatives just work in 2.4G remote mode. In Bluetooth mode, the product strangely allows you to believe you’re altering the choices until you read the little aside by the Bluetooth pointer. It clarifies that key ties, increasing speed and deceleration, and point snapping will re-visitation of defaults in this mode. What’s more, there’s no perusing on battery life at all over Bluetooth. Gracious, and your surveying rate is nerfed at 125Hz, also. Tragic occasions for gaming.

Be that as it may, the Bluetooth network include in itself is decent as a reinforcement alternative say in the event that you’ve run out of USB ports on your machine, lost the dongle, or just sat on the couch and can’t be arsed to get up and plug it in. Simply don’t anticipate a lot of usefulness, Bluetooth mode is just for standard clicking.

SteelSeries Rival 3

Anyway, regardless of whether you’re standard clicking or totally whipping the mouse around, it ought to have the option to deal with any measure of ponderousness. In spite of being generally lightweight, the thing is solid. None of the catches are wobbly, so no incidental clicking here, however the side catches are quite solid straight out of the case. I discover them hard to press without exorbitant power, which is nothing but bad in a speedy gaming climate.

The plan is a lot more pleasant than a great deal of lightweight mice, however. It’s unassuming and smooth, with a non punctured dark plastic case with a protuberance in the center, and it tightens toward the front however sticks out with what I will call the mouse’s hips rearward. This fits use with a hook grasp, or palm hold at a push. An extremely straight palm hold for little hands, however. I’m accustomed to utilizing a more bended ergonomic shape, and changing to this had my little hands somewhat confounded. Be that as it may, presently I’m becoming accustomed to it, the hipped plan accomplishes truly work for throwing the mouse around at maximum velocity.

To the extent RGB stylish, it has extremely restricted lighting highlights, with simply a solitary RGB zone exuding from one or the other side of the parchment wheel. It does, be that as it may, incorporate a couple of charming lighting impacts including “trigger,” which shoots an alternate shading when you click. Lamentably the tones aren’t very precise, yet these sorts of impediments are normal in a particularly moderate, lightweight mouse.

Thus, notwithstanding the couple of problem I have with this mouse it has its in addition to sides. It’s a gaming mouse best for the economical gamers among us who need something solid to toss around in the warmth of fight, and don’t have any desire to actually stress over wires, or crushing the thing into pieces in a fury. I would suggest utilizing the remote dongle, so ensure you have an extra USB opening for it don’t go into this anticipating a stunning Bluetooth arrangement. All things considered, it does the majority of what it’s intended to do, and at a sub $50 cost tag, which ain’t so awful.

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